Protect All Internal Components with Best Looking PC Cases

Many of us consider building a computer system better than buying a system. One of the important components that you require for building your computer system is a PC case. You would want to pick a PC case that is the right size for your needs and has enough room for all your hardware and USB devices. The PC cases in the market offer enough room, lower temperatures, muffled sound, extensive water-cooling support. The best looking PC cases have tempered glass panels to show off your RGB lighting and your build.

A computer case serves critical functions needed to protect your computer. They protect the computer chassis, hard drive, motherboard, and other internal components of your computer. The desktop computer case safeguards internal components from electrical interference, physical damage, and intrusive foreign objects.

PC cases these days are made with an attractive finish to give them an aesthetically pleasing appearance, generate an organized internal structure, keep components separated to enable better air circulation. These external computer case shells accompany extra space for expansion slots, warning lights, graphics cards, RAM, and other server applications.

The fundamental decision that you have to make while choosing a PC case is its size. Generally, cases come in three basic form factors which also refers to the size of the motherboards they can host. These are ATX, MicroATX, and Mini-ITX cases. ATX boards measure 12 by 9.6 inches, MicroATX up to 9.6 by 9.6 inches, and Mini-ITX 6.7 inches square. A case that supports a given motherboard size is likely to support smaller motherboard form factors as well. For example, most ATX-compatible cases will support a MicroATX or Mini-ITX board.


Since you are building the computer by yourself, you might want to show off your setup with an attractive PC case. Here are a few best looking PC cases for you to consider.

1. Fractal Design Define 7


best looking PC cases Fractal Design Define 7

Product Highlights

For PC builders looking for an extremely versatile chassis with a dual-layout interior, the Fractal Design Define 7 is the best choice. It spacious case featuring excellent thermal and acoustic performance. It is made for housing large motherboards with ATX form factor.


The Fractal Design Define 7 works with two different internal layouts, open and storage. An open layout is similar to many current mid-tower ATX cases on the market today. This layout can support radiators up to 360 mm in front, 420 mm on the top, or 280 mm in the base. Storage layout allows for up to 14 hard drives to be installed in the case by moving a portion of the hard drive tray to the opposite side and installing the additional hard drive trays included in the accessory box.

What We Like About Fractal Design Define 7

The tempered-glass side panel gives it an attractive look with a push-to-lock system.

What We Don’t Like About Fractal Design Define 7

The case lacks RGB lighting.

        Pros        Cons
Water cooling support

Tempered-glass side panel

filtration system

No RGB lighting


2. Lian li Lancool ii Mesh


Lian li Lancool ii Mesh


Product Highlights

This chassis is a new variant of the original Lancool II made to appeal to customers that are looking for budget-friendly PC cases. Lancool II Mesh packs three PWM fans, a roomy interior, and elegant looks for those looking for the best-looking PC cases. It can support mini-ITX motherboards to full ATX motherboards.


The Lancool II Mesh is designed for high airflow with the capability of ample ventilation at the front. The three 120mm ARGB fans included in the kit adds to the cooling of the unit. You can fit even more fans on the top with additional room to mount two 120mm fans above the power supply chamber. Swapping parts in your rig is easy as you can quickly flip out hinged side panels without using tools.

What We Like About Lian li Lancool ii Mesh

It gives ample airflow to the system to keep it cool.

What We Don’t Like About Lian li Lancool ii Mesh

The RGB control options could be improved.

        Pros        Cons
Three included fans with controller

Excellent ventilation

RGB control could be improved


3. Cooler Master Cosmos C700P

Protect All Internal Components with Best Looking PC Cases 6

Product Highlights

The Cosmos C700P features an elegant handlebar design, curved glass panel, and sleek color scheme. The glass panel gives in an inside view of their build. This chassis can support even the most high-end components.


The Cooler Master chassis has eight expansion slots, a 140mm fan on slotted mounts, and another set of mounting slots for 120mm fans. T 2.5-inch trays are mounted to the back of the motherboard tray, one of those is filled with Cooler Master’s custom controller for lights and fans. The panel includes some basic controls for case lighting which can be synced with the motherboard, and fan speed with labeled LEDs to indicate the current settings.

What We Like About Cooler Master Cosmos C700P

The chassis features a fully modular design that can be assembled in various configurations.

What We Don’t Like About Cooler Master Cosmos C700P

The stock configuration supports only three internal drives.


        Pros        Cons
Supports all motherboard sizes

Large flex-mount rails for additional drive trays and liquid cooling components



4. Phanteks P600S Eclipse

Protect All Internal Components with Best Looking PC Cases 7

Product Highlights

This is mid-tower PC chassis that is the best-looking PC case for those who want a choice between maximum airflow and low noise.  “The Eclipse P600S is designed to bring you the best of two worlds. A hybrid forged between silent and high-performance chassis. Find the optimal configuration in any situation by switching between quiet or performance mode. Designed with effective soundproofing panels and Phanteks’ new high airflow fabric, the Eclipse P600S offers minimum noise and maximum airflow,” according to Phanteks.


The Phanteks Eclipse P600S features multiple cooling options, with support for up to 420 mm radiators in the front, 360 mm on the top, and a 140 mm radiator in the rear. Dust filters have been installed on the front, on the top, and at the bottom. T easily removable magnetic panels are installed in the roof and front section which allow the case to switch between low-airflow/low-noise and higher airflow/more noise configurations.

What We Like About Phanteks P600S Eclipse

There is sound-dampening padding used on the panels.

What We Don’t Like About Phanteks P600S Eclipse

The chassis lacks tool-less drive assembly

        Pros        Cons
Good cable management system

High-quality dust filters

No dust protection in the lid


5. Corsair Crystal 280X

Protect All Internal Components with Best Looking PC Cases 8

Product Highlights

The Corsair Crystal Series 280X RGB is a great case that can easily accommodate different kinds of builds. The 280X has extra room to support full-size components except for the motherboard, which must either be micro ATX or mini ITX.

Best Features

The Corsair Crystal Series 280X RGB is painted black inside and out. Built of steel and plastic with tempered glass panels, it weighs 15.65 pounds. The tempered glass panels give it a classy look. The panels are designed in such a way that there is around 20mm of clearance between it and the front intake fans and additional airflow for exhaust fans you might be installing in the roof.

The 280X accompanies two 120mm RGB fans, one mounted in the front, and one in the roof, connected to an RGB controller unit in the back of the case. You can fix an additional 120mm fan on the rear side panel to add to the cooling.

What We Like About Corsair Crystal 280X

You can install additional fans for extra cooling support.

What We Don’t Like About Corsair Crystal 280X

The machine is quite expensive.

        Pros        Cons
Three tempered glass panels

Great filtration system



6.NZXT H400i 

Protect All Internal Components with Best Looking PC Cases 9

Product Highlights

Featuring a tempered glass and steel design and accompanying color combinations of matte black, black/red, black/blue, and black/white, it is a classy-looking unit. Coupled with strong performance, excellent design, and superior build, the NZXT H400i is one of the best gaming cases in the market. The model possesses top-quality Case Edition AER fans providing the case with improved airflow.

Best Features

If you are looking for the best looking PC cases with ample cooling potential then this unit would be an excellent choice. It is equipped with two 140mm fans in the front, two in the roof, and one 120mm fan in the rear for standard airflow making it a great air-cooled system. The cooling is further improved by the presence of a 280mm radiator in the front and a 120mm in the back.

Another noteworthy fact is that the space behind the rear panel of the chassis is also home to NZXT’s custom-built Smart Device. This can power up to four RGB LED strips or five RGB Aer fans. It can also provide fan speed control for three different channels of fans with 10W of power output per channel.

What We Like About NZXT H400i 

The unit has a commendable cable management system. The PSU shroud can hide the majority of your cables. It can also comfortably fit in a few more HDDs. There is space for ventilation built into the unit and a few cable routing holes for better cable management.

What We Don’t Like About NZXT H400i 

When the system is at full speed, the machine can get noisy.

        Pros        Cons
Strong thermal performance

Adept cable management system

Slightly noisy at full fan speed

No front-panel USB-C ports


7.Maingear Vybe RGB

Protect All Internal Components with Best Looking PC Cases 10

Product Highlights

Maingear is a custom PC builder who makes showcase-level systems. It is a giant in the tech space and enjoys a wide fan base. The Vybe is a standard front panel chassis with a flexible and functional design for both air and liquid cooling-based builds.

Best Features

A noteworthy feature of this unit is that the entire top panel is also a removable dust filter, held on by magnets. Directly beneath the magnetic dust filter lies mounts for up to three 120 or 140mm fans for cooling your system. Equipped with excellent thermal performance, quiet operation, and built-in RGB lighting, the Maingear Vybe RGB is a reasonable machine to buy. This is a great case for 1080p and 1440p gaming.

What We Like About Maingear Vybe RGB

There is a wide range of configuration options.

What We Don’t Like About Maingear Vybe RGB

There are not many choices for component selection.

        Pros        Cons
Three included fans

Great cooling performance

Fan gets loud under load

The best looking PC case according to our review is Fractal Design 7. The new chassis design is designed to fully expose the interior of the case on three sides for easy installation and cable routing. The tempered glass panels on the side give you a stylish look and help you show off the build of your personal computer. The unit also supports good airflow to maintain the temperature of your system.

Once you know what size you want for your PC case start searching for PC cases online that can fit in your build. While searching for PC cases make sure you thoroughly read the spec sheet as some can only fit certain graphic card lengths while others may support larger radiators. If you have a large beefy tower cooler you need to make sure your case can fit it in comfortably. Also, check whether the case has a modular design as this allows you to rearrange parts inside your PC case.


Buyer’s Guide

Form factors 

Full-towers, mid-towers, and mini-towers are the three form factors for PC cases. Unless you are building a powerful workstation something mini-tower will probably be the best looking PC cases option for you instead of a full tower.

CPU cooler 

A cooler is an important part of your custom PC build. Therefore, always select a compatible cooler for your ATX case, because airflow is an important factor while choosing an mATX case. The better the airflow the better the thermal performance of your computer.

Fan mounts

These are special slots inside a PC case for the installation of fans for additional ventilation. Their sizes can vary from 80mm up to 200mm. Check the number of fans that you are going to need to build your computer. Then select an apt case that gives you enough space to fit in the fans without cramming the case.

Removable air filters

Look for removable air filters when you consider buying a chassis. Even though they are not present on every chassis, this promotes the removal and reduction of excess dust inside the machine.

GPU Clearance

GPU clearance refers to the space required by a graphics processing unit to comfortably fit in the given space of a case. It means that there must be enough room inside your micro ATX case to house a chosen GPU. Do note that if a GPU clearance has 12 inches and more then it will be able to support almost any video card.

Cable Cuts

A case with cut-outs in the motherboard tray will let you route all the cables in the back of the case. This allows better cable management and convenient building of your computer.

We hope this review on the best looking PC cases helped you!


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