Are iRobot Roombas Worth It?

iRobot Roombas – why they are considered one of the best?

First, we’ll avoid reviewing Roomba machines based on their promotional reviews. Of course, when you look at the specs of any Roomba robot vacuum, you’ll see best-in-class technical solutions and industry-leading concepts that should never be questioned. However, based on Amazon reviews (usually 20k+ reviews), any iRobot you choose will have a rating between 4 and 5 stars, and most are around 4.5 stars! That’s a great review for any product, and at such a high price, it speaks for itself.

The final answer to the main question – is it worth the money? – Yes, but…there are alternatives, other smaller brands can give you more for the same money, or cheaper without compromising on quality, and still do a reasonably good job!

robot cacuum cleaner

What are the alternatives and how good are they?
Big brand names aside (Samsung, Roborock, Robovac, AEG…), two brands definitely mentioning and paying attention to are Xiaomi and ACEKOOL.

ACEKOOL is the smaller, relatively new brand name in the consumer electronics industry, focused on home appliances. Acekool Automatic Robot Vacuum Smart Strong Suction Cleaner, at the hot deal, comes at the whooping $99.99 price!

ACEKOOL Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Key Features of ACEKOOL Robot Vacuum Cleaner:

  • Upgraded FreeMove Technology;
  • 1700Pa suction Serious Cleaning Power;
  • Smart App & Easy Control;
  • 4 Clean Modes Your Needs;
  • A 550ml dustbin stores more debris.

Robot vacuum cleaners are a treasure everyone should have. If your budget is limited, and even if it’s not, you can afford a great quality robot vacuum cleaner (such as ACEKOOL) under $100. Don’t let the price discourage you!

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