Best Toasters in the UK for That Perfectly Golden Toast 2021

Getting that perfectly golden toast with coffee in the morning can make your breakfasts so much better. With the wide range of models available in the market, choosing the best toaster that suits your needs can be quite a task.

To make it simpler for you to choose, we have shortlisted the 5 best ones that suit every need.

1. Acekool Toaster TA1 – Stainless Steel 4-Slice Toaster

Acekool Toaster TA1 - Stainless Steel 4-Slice Toaster



Best Toasters in the UK for That Perfectly Golden Toast 2021 2Product Highlights

Acekool Stainless Steel 4 Slice Toaster allows you to save energy cost by having 2 separate units, which control the toasting area to the left or right individually.


The heating control is also known as the browning control, which allows you to toast to as much of your bread as you want. This product is available in 7 different shade settings and you can choose any shade of brown.

Moreover, you can stop the baking at any time, using a special cancelation function. You need not wait until the toast pops out. This one works the way you like it. You can also perfectly toast your bagel with the unique bagel feature that this Stainless Steel 4 Slice Toaster comes with.

Also, the Acekool toaster has a defrost feature to thaw the bread so that your breakfast is warm.  This 4 slice toaster is just what you need if bagels or bread aren’t your style, and you love feasting on croissants. This toaster has a default double-sided heater, not to mention, also two warming racks where croissants can be heated. Besides, a high elevator lever allows your toasts to be applied automatically and also facilitates removal.

Moreover, you’ll get a crumb tray that collects loose crumbs when you buy the Acekool Stainless Steel 4-SliceToaster. The most striking feature of this toaster is that it never overheats. Not to mention, it’s also leak-resistant and anti-scalded to prevent you from shocks. In addition to all of these features, Acekool gives you a 12-month replacement guarantee in the event of any quality problems.

        Pros        Cons
7 shade settings
Crumb tray
Bagel feature
Warming racks
None (as per our experience)

2. Breville Two-Slice Toaster

Breville Two-Slice Toaster


Product Highlights

The first thing you note when you take this one out of the box is the weight of the toaster in steel. It is an old trick, but in this case, it’s specific, to make the product heavier to mean ‘efficiency.’ These are the little details that differentiate this toaster from our favorite toasters.


To start toasting, you press the Start button instead of pressing a lever down. The button that says start also acts as a cancel button, allowing you to pause the toaster’s cooking cycle if your bread or English muffin has been toasting for too long. In its extra-wide openings, the bread lowers and rises at a theatrically slow rate. Besides, sliding a button on an LED-lit control enables you to choose your environment.

Breville has done an excellent job creating a toaster that is more adaptable to your kitchen life. To get a quick peek, press the “Lift & Lock” button. Is it possible that toast would need some additional time? Select “A Little More.” That is exactly what it claims. It beeps when the toast is ready. You may also change the frequency of the beep. Moreover, the electrical cord, like most Breville products, has a circle behind the prongs that makes it easy to detach from a socket. Also, the toaster’s removable crumb tray was thoughtfully made.

        Pros        Cons
Sturdy body
Easy to use

3. Morphy Richards Verve 4 Slice Toaster

Morphy Richards Verve 4 Slice Toaster

Product Highlights

A four-slice toaster could be just what you need if you have a large family and want to make breakfast preparation as simple and easy as possible. This choice from Morphy Richards, a British appliance company, offers excellent value for money.


It has seven browning settings, as well as illuminated cancel, reheat, and frozen feature buttons, and toasts uniformly and easily. The ceramic-style texture makes it seem much more costly than it is, not to mention, it’s easy to clean. For those who want a fuss-free, easy-to-use, and dependable toaster, this is a wonderful, affordable choice.

You can select the variable control setting for your desired browning degree. Moreover, you can easily remove your toast through the Auto Popup feature.

        Pros        Cons
Illuminated controls
AutoPopup feature
Not ideal for small-sized bread

4.Sage BTA845UK

Sage BTA845UK


Product Highlights

This Smart toaster, as you would expect of Sage, is quite advanced in terms of technology and usability.


High lifting functions, as well as large slots, are also available for thicker bread slices.

The only thing that keeps it from getting perfect marks is the lack of a warming choice.

Moreover, there are no levers here, just buttons. And, since there are no buttons, the latch will not wear out over time, which is a common problem for some toasters. However, this one browns well and easily handles bagels, crumpets, and both thick and thin slices of bread. When put vertically in the extra-wide slots, taller slices are a bit of a squeeze horizontally, but they brown uniformly and toast almost to the end.

        Pros        Cons
Great settings
Crumpet Function and Fruit Loaf Function

5. Dualit Architect 4 Slice Toaster 


Dualit Architect 4 Slice Toaster 

Product Highlights

The Dualit boasts “Perfect Toast Technology,” which intelligently controls cooking by measuring room temperature and toaster temperature – if it’s still hot from the previous round of toast, for example. According to the brand, this ensures perfectly consistent, golden-brown toast every time without the need to alter the settings.


If you like crumpets, potato cakes, or other small breakfast items, this toaster’s high lift feature will prevent your fingers from getting burned. Additionally, if you hold these in the freezer between uses, the defrost feature will have them perfectly toasted right through to the center in no time.  Besides, the peek and display feature, allow you to check on the progress without interrupting the loop.

For thicker bread like sourdough or other artisan choices, the slots are nice and broad. Also, the crumb tray is removable for quick cleaning. Finally, Perfect Toast Technology analyzes both the external and internal temperatures, fine-tuning it to give you the perfect golden finish.

The style is more modern, but it still has a rugged, industrial feel to it. Surprisingly, the toaster can be personalized to suit your kitchen by changing the side panels, which come in a variety of colors. Moreover, a built-in cable tidy sits underneath the toaster, but the cable is a little short – particularly if you want to run it from the left-hand side.

        Pros        Cons
Wider slots
Toasts evenly
High price


We hope that with the help of our review, you will be able to shortlist and choose the best one that suits your needs perfectly. Invest in one and enjoy warm and fresh breakfasts every day!


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