5 Best Smartwatches for Women

best smartwatches for women

Our experts spent 76 hours testing out 8 brands.

We wanted to find the best smartwatches for women in terms of:

  • Functionality
  • Battery life
  • Appearance (we shortlisted the most attractive smartwatches!)
  • Value for money

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best smartwatch for women

Best Smartwatches for Women

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Michael Kors Bradshaw Rose Goldstone Smartwatch

best smartwatch for women michael kors

Catching up with the modern technology, the Bradshaw Rose smartwatch from Michael Kors has become more than a style statement. With the increasing interest in health, Michael Kors line of watches started to incorporate features that help to monitor health and daily activities of the wearer.


The Michael Kors Bradshaw Goldtone Smartwatch is a guaranteed favourite among working women or as a style statement for the fashionistas.

Sleek Design

The watch has an elegant control system with touchscreen capabilities allowing you to access the contents with a simple swipe easily.

Customizable Wristband

The band size measures at 22mm, case size is 44mm, and its thickness is 9mm. You can also place orders to have custom made wristbands and faces of the watch according to your likes and design that fits your personality.

Music Player

Other features also include control of the music player, activity, and tracking goals you may have set for the day.


The product comes with a rating of IP67 water resistant which means it can stay a meter deep underwater for half an hour. This is pretty decent making it one of the best smartwatches for women who tend to be pool bunnies.

It is also compatible with Google OS and all other current devices like Android 4.4+ OS and 9.3+ iOS.

You can easily connect the watch with your smart device through Bluetooth or 802.11 b/g/n WiFi. It is no wonder that the Michael Kors Access Bradshaw 43mm is undoubtedly some of the best Smartwatch for women in the market today.

        Pros        Cons
  •  Powered with OS by Google
  •   Customizable strap and face
  • Stainless steel and 33ft Water resistant for durability
  • Find-my-phone features available
  • Battery lasts only for 24 hours
  • Limited functions for iphones.


The Michael Kors Bradshaw Rose has all the features and attributes of a savvy Smartwatch that not only brings out the trending quotient but also helps you to conveniently control over all your smartphone activities which keep it at the top of our smartwatches for women.


Michael Kors Access Unisex Smartwatch

best smartwatch for women - 2

We had to include this beauty on our list of the best smartwatches for women. Just look at it.

What’s more?

Its intricate and sophisticated design appeals to both genders of the population. Yes, that’s right – it’s unisex!


Indigenous Brand Distinction

Apart from its ingenious features, the product is also touted to be one of the best Smartwatch for women even though it is designed for unisex appeal. Michael Kors designs are known to follow unconventional norms of fashion that makes its products unique and stand out from the rest.

Smart and Stylish

The instant product comes with a reminder, alerts for tracking custom goals, notifications, and physical activity. The touchscreen features allow you to swipe the contents and helps you rummage and organise your daily schedule.

Instant Control to Smartphones

You can also control your music player conveniently through your watch thus eliminating the hassle of taking out the phone every minute on the 44mm case with 9mm thickness and 22mm band size.

Customize to Taste

The manufacturers of the product also avail the services of customising the band and face of the watch according to the likes of the buyer once they have provided their designs.

Unique Strap Design

With its unisex label, the watch is carefully engineered to make it look stylish and fitting on both men and women, the colour palette of the Michael Kors Access Unisex touchscreen watch comes in a Gold tone that has acetate centre tone.

Durable and Attractive Body

You will find that the product uses stainless steel which has qualities of high corrosion resistance, cryogenic firmness, durable material that does not corrode when exposed to hot or cold elements, high on strength and hardness, gives a more attractive appearance, and low on maintenance.

Water Resistant

Many people are concerned with the water resistant level of watches but worry not! This product can stay underwater for over half an hour with the IP67 unit. At such a rate, you can rest assured that the product will surely last long without any damages. You can always take it with you and go for a run in your sweatpants without getting wet with sweat stains.

Durable Battery

Its battery life estimates to last for 24 hours depending on the way you use it. It is also compatible with Android Os 4.4+ and iOS 9.3+ with Google Wear OS. You will get a direct connection via Bluetooth and WiFi.

        Pros        Cons
  • Connectable to social media
  • Customizable face and straps
  • Lightweight
  •   Syncing issues reported with Apple devices


Only once in a while will you come across such an innovative piece of product that not only caters to the fashion aspect but also includes innovative technology to cater to your daily needs. This timepiece is not just an “arm candy” but a life and safety monitor that would send any woman apart with its attractive style and features.

Michael Kors Womens Sofie Smartwatch

best smartwatch for womenApart from the distinctively unique features of the other Michael Kors Goldtone watch collection, the Women’s MKT5036 Sofie comes with a clear stone embedded around the rim of the watch face with silver tone on its overall casing. The product is made of high quality imported stainless steel, and its supply is limited.  


High Compatibility

With its advanced technology, the product is comfortably compatible with other latest Smartphone devices like the iOS 9.3+ and Android OS 4.4+.

Powered by Google

It has Wear OS powered by Google which gives it a better GPS boost as compared to other Smartwatches.

The detailed structure of the product is 42mm on the size of the case, 11mm on the thickness, and the band size is 18mm. The Michael Kors MKT5036 – Sofie Connected watch also falls under one of the best Smartwatch for women in the fashion market today.

Feminine and Smart Details

Sleek control system like checking for notifications, tracking activities, and setting custom-made goals for the day are all possible from the phone with its smart functionality of the touchscreen feature.

Battery Life

Battery life of any device is crucial for the use of the product for a long time, so the Michael Kors MKT5036 – Sofie Connected is ideal as its battery life is reliable and sustainable for as long as 24 hours.

        Pros        Cons
  • Customizable face
  • Elegant Finish with pretty embellishments
  • Lightweight and slim with silver plating
  •   Needs Android Ware App to connect to Apple devices
  •   Loose strap and inferior clasp


The product is built with the incorporation of innovative technology which allows functions that enable you to monitor certain activities of your phone from the watch without compromising on style and elegance.


Fossil Gen 2-Q Wander

best smartwatch for womenThe introduction of the Fossil Gen 2 Q Wander Smartwatch has brought about flexibility in fashion and management of daily routine smoothly from the watch on your wrist. Now fashion statement is not just about expensive trends and looks anymore. You can manage every activity with the swipe of the finger effortlessly.


The skillfully engineered notification display on the Q Wander smartwatch helps you to track each activity and information instantly. Keeping in mind the regard for a healthy lifestyle the watch has stylish features that allow you to monitor accomplishments on a daily basis with daily physical goals like the number of steps, amount of calories burned and distance covered,.

Smart features

You can use Bluetooth 4.1 and WiFi 802.11 b/g/n connection on the device. It is also compatible with other latest devices like the iOS 9.3+, Android, and Android OS 4.4+.

East Smart sync

Another advantage of owning the product is its ease of automatically syncing with your phone, and you do not have to fumble for which buttons to press to go for the desired functions.

Activity Tracker

When it comes to sporting a unique look of the watch you can depend on the built-in activity tracking feature to monitor your daily movements.

The Fossil Q Wander Gen 2 is another one of the best Smartwatch for women that are trending and much demanded among the many female populace. Its remarkable features continue to amaze and make daily activities easier and convenient to access and manage.

Customise settings and straps

You can easily customise the dial and face of the product by choosing between Wear OS by Google or Fossil styles. You can also select an app that works best for you on the dial and assign any palette of colour to your liking.

It is natural that wearing the same coloured strap for a long time can get boring sometimes, so worry not as the Fossil watch comes with replaceable straps in varieties of designs so you can pick one that fits comfortably with 22m straps of Fossil brand watches.

Average Battery Life

Although the battery life can last you up to 24 hours if your Fossil Q watch loses some percentage of battery and you need to charge it, you can easily use the preparatory magnet for charging that comes with the product package.

Google Powered OS

The product has Google-powered Wear OS which is an original app from Google. You can also rest assure that the product is reliable and safe for purchase because it comes with the manufacturers’ warranty which guarantees to repair and replace in case the product is damaged.

        Pros        Cons
  • Compatible with Apple and Android OS
  • Easily accessible Features
  • Effortless charging
  • Versatile Design
  •   Leather band gets dirty fast
  • Works better for android phones vs iOS


Besides telling time with this product, you can easily have access to emails, text messages, update the apps, etc. The face of the watch has touchscreen capabilities that allow you to swipe through your notifications conveniently. What more can you need from a Smartwatch!


Fossil Q Gen 3 Venture Women’s Smartwatch

5 Best Smartwatches for Women 2It is one of the most elegant and innovative Smartwatches for women in the market these days. Engineered to meet all your timely needs, Fossil Q Gen3 watch has many sleek features that are sure to appeal to your style sense as well as keeping track of your health and your time management skills.


Compatible Features

The smartwatch runs on the latest technology, and it is compatible with Android, Android OS 4.4+, and iOS 9.3+ devices. It also has Bluetooth connectivity and WiFi 802.11 b/g/n.

Changeable Dial

You can change the dial of your smartphone using Wear OS by Google designs and Fossil brands. For more flexibility and organized use, you can customise the apps you want to apply for the watch and also alter the colour palette according to your liking.

Customizable Straps

There are varieties of strap designs for the Fossil brand, so anytime you feel that the present style is getting monotonous and feel the need to change, you can have a pick of your choice from its numerous selection. The designer straps are suitable for all Fossil brand watches measured at 18mm.

Health Tracker

The product has features that track the number of steps you need to achieve in a day, total distance covered, and the amount of calories to burn throughout the day. We felt the health tracker on this one makes it one of the best smartwatches for women who are trying to maintain their fitness.

Activity Tracking

You can stay updated with all the minute activities and get all information of your phone from the notification display of the watch.

Easy to Function

The feather-touch functionality of the touchscreen will allow you to speedily swipe away the contents you do not want to view and put off reminder alarms when not necessary. You can quickly check on your messages, app updates, and emails effortlessly through your Smartwatch and eliminate the burden of scanning your phone every time.

        Pros        Cons
  • Versatile strap design
  • Customizable face
  • Easy to access features
  • Compatible operating system
  •   24 hours battery life


Perfect for users who are not tech-savvy but like to explore new technology and fashion time-pieces. However, when it comes to the Fossil Q Smartwatch, you do not have to have second thoughts about the difficulty in using it as it syncs automatically with your phone and tracks your activities flawlessly. These simple details make the Fossil Q perfect for easy-going, low maintenance and classic-chic statement to everyday wear.


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