Best Stand Mixer in the UK That Is Perfect for Your Kitchen 2021

For people and professionals who like to cook and bake, a stand mixer is getting more and more useful. Especially for people who enjoy preparing sumptuous meals and desserts at home, a stand mixer is a necessity.  We have listed some of the best stand mixers in UK 2021 that can handle a range of mixing tasks efficiently.

1. Acekool Stand Mixer MC1  << Click to get more details

Acekool Stand Mixer MC1


Acekool Stand Mixer MC1

Product Highlights

Acekool Stand Mixer MC1 is a tilt-head electric stand mixer with a powerful 1400W motor. This mixer features 10-speed settings and comes with three attachments including a flat beater, dough hook, and wire whisk.

Overview of Features

The Stand Mixer MC1 features a 7L large mixing bowl made of stainless steel. There is a splash guard attached to prevent the ingredients in the bowl from dropping. The bowl is easy to attach and remove, and so are the attachments used for mixing the ingredients. Moreover, the tilt-head makes it easier for you to remove the attachments and the bowl once the mixing is done. All the attachments are dishwasher-friendly.

        Pros        Cons
Splash guard
10 speed settings
1000W motor
None (as per our experience)


An electric stand mixers are now indispensable equipment in kitchens. If you have a range of mixing tasks while cooking then you need the best stand mixer.

They excel at mixing batter for baking cakes, kneading dough, whipping, and whisking and are more efficient than food processors. The appliance is adaptable enough to whip up everything from airy layer cakes to stiff bread dough, and it cuts down on the time and effort of mixing by hand. What’s more, many stand mixers include accessories to tackle other kitchen projects, like from-scratch pasta, DIY ice cream, and freshly squeezed juice.

A mixer does the blending task more efficiently than your hands with minimal effort and wastage of ingredients.

2. Kenwood Chef Titanium XL KVL8300S

Kenwood Chef Titanium XL KVL8300S


Product Highlights

Kenwood Chef Titanium XL KVL8300S stand mixer has one of the most powerful motors compared to the other standing mixers. It has 8 different speed settings including speed levels labeled ‘min’ and ‘max’ for effortless mixing.

Overview of Features 

The Chef Titanium XL from Kenwood is a classy machine with convenient features. Fitted with a touch-sensitive button on top, it activates a light that shines directly into the bowl, which makes checking the mixture easy while mixing.

Moreover, the machine comes with a splatter guard to ensure the batter stays in the mixing bowl. The splatter guard has a flap that can be opened to add ingredients while mixing.  Besides, the attachments to the mixer include a balloon whisk, a flat beater, and a dough hook.

        Pros        Cons
Powerful motor

3. KitchenAid Artisan 4.8L Tilt-Head Stand Mixer

KitchenAid Artisan 4.8L Tilt-Head Stand Mixer

Product Highlights

KitchenAid Artisan stand mixer closely resembles a professional-grade mixer. Powered by a direct drive motor that pumps 300 Watts of power, this mixer sports silent operation even if the ingredients need a vigorous mix.

Overview of Features

The KitchenAid Artisan highlights an efficient design and a powerful motor. Besides a transparent pouring shield attached to the mixing bowl helps the batter to stay inside the bowl without splattering outside. The shield also has an open funnel that helps you to add ingredients while mixing.

Moreover, there are four attachments included in the box of the KitchenAid Artisan 4.8L, including a dough hook, flat beater, and wire whisk.

        Pros        Cons
Good design
Transparent pouring shield

4. Kenwood KMix

Kenwood KMix

Product Highlights

Kenwood’s KMix stand mixer is available in a range of colors and metallic finishes. It has a 1000 Watts motor that can operate at six different speeds. Besides, the mixing bowl is made of glass which lets you see the batter clearly from the outside.

Overview of Features

This unit is fitted with a fold function which means you can make delicate mixes like brioche easily. Moreover, the glass bowl has a large handle and a pouring lip and hence it is easy to pour from the bowl without spillage.

Besides, the attachments include a K-beater, balloon whisk, and dough hook. Also, these are non-stick, implying that the attachments will not stick to the batter.

        Pros        Cons
Glass bowl for increased visibility
1000W motor
Glass bowl is prone to breaking

5. Russell Hobbs Go Create

Russell Hobbs Go Create


Product Highlights

With a 1000W motor, the Russell Hobbs Go Create stand mixer boasts an impressively powerful motor for such a compact design. It comes with 10-speed settings and a pulse function operated by a dial on the right side of the machine.

Overview of Features

This stand mixer is more than adequate for an average cook or baker. Since it has a 1000 W motor, it can effortlessly handle tough doughs. Moreover, there are three attachments in the box including a whisk, flat beater, and dough hook. There is also a plastic spatula to check the mixture and a splash guard to keep the ingredients from splashing outside the mixing bowl. It is an affordable stand mixer that can go great on your kitchen worktop.

        Pros        Cons
10-speed settings
Splash guard
Mixing bowl not stable while mixing heavy dough

Final Verdict:

According to our review, we recommend the Acekool Stand Mixer MC1 as the best electric stand mixer. This mixer has a powerful motor that can operate at 1400 Watts. The motor lets it efficiently handle even the heaviest of batters with ease. Coupled with durability and excellent design, this is an affordable, user-friendly gadget for home and commercial use.

Electric mixers are mostly expensive and therefore require thorough research before choosing one. The primary factor to consider is the wattage of the product. If you have only minimal mixing tasks like a small batch of cookie dough or cake batter, mainly for home use, then you can opt for a mixer with 250 watts of power. If you make large cakes at your home or are buying it for a commercial purpose, it is better to choose a mixer that has more than 500 watts of power.

We hope our review on the best stand mixer in the UK 2021 really helped you make a choice.

If you are looking for the same stand mixer in the US, check the following article for more details.

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