How to Disable Mouse Acceleration on Windows PC

Do you need to know how to disable mouse acceleration on Windows PC? If you are a user of Windows 10 PC, then definitely you must have come across several new features that enhance the performance via its varied functionalities. One such feature of the latest Windows 10 is the mouse acceleration. It helps to increase the mouse pointer’s movement as per the speed with which you move it throughout the screen. This helps you reach the target icon to initiate the process or open a tab much faster and makes the PC performance more efficient. 

Unlike other preceding Windows PCs wherein the mouse pointer is comparatively slower, so when any heavy applications are used, you can experience lags. However, this feature in Windows 10 PC ensures that the mouse pointer is more precise. But when the mouse pointer has such speed, it tends to overshoot the target. It tends to happen more frequently if you’re a gamer. This is actually annoying, as for several processes and gaming accuracy matters a lot, and missing out on the target can affect the performance. 

However, there is a way out to disable this feature and use it in a regular way. Ironically, turning off the mouse acceleration will make the mouse pointer work in the exact opposite way of ensuring pointer precision. To know how to turn off mouse acceleration in Windows computers, you can go through this article. So, let’s delve further to understand the process to disable the mouse acceleration

Before we proceed to know more about the process of disabling the mouse acceleration, here’s a bit of information about mouse acceleration. 

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What is Mouse Acceleration?

Mouse Acceleration, a feature in Windows 10, is embedded to make the mouse more efficient. When this feature is enabled, the pointer moves a little further, with its fast movements. Basically, the faster the mouse moves, the farther goes the cursor. So, if you want to make the cursor move across the screen, just drag it across more quickly. 

In case you want the movements more precise, then it is better to move it slowly. On the other hand, why should you turn off the mouse acceleration is one thought that might come up. Even though the mouse acceleration is kind of helpful especially when moving from screen to another, yet at times it is better without it.  

Well, during gaming sessions where precision and the controlled mouse movement are required, this feature will impact the gaming. Not just for gamers, even for a graphics designer, precise movements are required. So, with a fixed and precise response from the mouse, there are fewer chances of overlooking the target, whether you’re gaming or designing.

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How to Turn Off the Mouse Acceleration in Windows PC?

Turning off the mouse acceleration is not a difficult task and you can switch it on and off as per your requirement. Basically, there are a couple of steps to disable this feature and this goes as follows:

  • First and foremost, begin the process through the Windows start menu icon. This icon is quite easily visible and is located at the left corner of the taskbar. 
  • Redirect your screen to the ‘Settings’ cog icon and then in the Windows settings, go to the icon displaying ‘Devices’. 
  • The icon ‘Devices’ includes options to set different functionalities like Bluetooth, Printers, and Mouse. In this menu, you need to click on the ‘Mouse’ tab to proceed to turn off the mouse acceleration. 
  • Here, click on the ‘Additional mouse options’ link, which is under the option ‘Related Settings’. 
  • On clicking the ‘Additional Mouse’ option, you need to uncheck the ‘Enhance pointer precision’ checkbox, which is under the tab known as Pointer Options. Once you uncheck this checkbox, click on OK to confirm the change, and then the mouse acceleration is disabled. 

Further, if you want to turn on the mouse acceleration, then follow the same process and click on the same checkbox to enable it. 

Disabling the mouse acceleration is undoubtedly the best way to improve Windows 10 computer using experience. But despite turning off the mouse acceleration, you do not get the required efficiency, then we would suggest you change the mouse. Above all, you can turn off the mouse acceleration as per your needs and the tasks you do on the PC. 

Now we assume you know how to turn off mouse acceleration in Windows PC with the detailed information and the process mentioned above. Moreover, we suggest you keep this feature turned off and enable it only when it is required. This will make your tasks like gaming and others much easier and offer better accuracy. 


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