HyperX Quadcast S Review 2022

Today the Internet is flooded with content. From social media to websites, podcasts and live streaming videos are everywhere. And with these, the market has an increasing demand for quality microphones. We have got a great option for you- HyperX Quadcast S.

HyperX Quadcast S is an eye-catching, clear-sounding, and rugged microphone. This mic is the newest iteration by HyperX in its QuadCast series, which had its initial launch on September 28, 2020. HyperX Quadcast S is a desk-focused microphone that lacks portability but delivers value and voice clarity. It’s an impeccable choice for streamers with a 2-year defective warranty priced at 159.99 USD. The unique selling point of this new device is its RGB color scheme that draws in audiences’ eyes if you’re a video creator. It has a medium-size body with 25 x 13 x 10 cm dimensions and a hefty phone-like weight of 254 grams.

HyperX QuadCast S

HyperX Quadcast S Review

Who is the HyperX Quadcast S for?

Since the pandemic, everybody’s at home, and video platforms have exploded. Twitch, YouTube, Instagram, and Zoom are the most common video conferencing platforms. And HyperX Quadcast S can make it easier to stand out among the tough market competition owing to its RGB. It can match the same colors on the screen for any presentation, explanatory video, or background color. Beyond the show, it is a good gaming microphone as well. It gives you an impressive stand-alone microphone experience that delivers great audio receiving quality without interruptions. It can also reduce the surrounding noise to ensure that your voice is the main thing being listened to.

User Experience and Product Built

HyperX Quadcast S provides an entertaining experience for anyone who likes playing with colors. The rainbow activities of the microphone are prominent but not intrusive; you will be distracted by them while using it. It has a soft, light hue hidden beneath its cylindrical grille. Behind the grille, soft foam layers are present that operate as a pop filter. This filter is vital to provide a seamless user experience when trying to speak into the microphone. In addition, the entire piece is bolted onto a shock mount that prevents any shaky movement.

Furthermore, the microphone has a stand adapter which allows you to mount it upon a boom mic, directly increasing overall flexibility. If you’re someone who frequently keeps a water bottle on the desk and worries about spillage, you’re in luck. HyperX Quadcast S is waterproof with a high-grade IPS certification.


The handiest feature of HyperX Quadcast S is its sensitive button at the top of the mic. The LEDs surrounding it turn off automatically when you mute the mic, thus always giving you an easy visual cue. Any time you leave your desk, tap the top, and you’re ready to take a break. Similarly, the bottom of HyperX Quadcast S holds a black dial that allows you to adjust the gain of the microphone. The USB-C input is at the back of this microphone, where you can plug in any 3-meter USB cable. On top of this, openings for a 3.5 MM headphones jack are also present through which you can directly connect your live streaming monitor.

Multiple Recording Patterns

Multiple Recording Patterns

HyperX Quadcast S has an easy-to-switch dial on its back through which four types of polar pattern recording options are present. These options include bidirectional, stereo, cardioid, and omnidirectional patterns. For specific purposes like an interview, a bidirectional setting will serve you well, while for individually recording a podcast, changing the settings to cardioid will be the best way to go. Playing around with these settings and listening to the output will allow you to be prepared for every recording session. The pop filter is an excellent addition to these patterns as it reduces plosive sounds like t, k, and p.


If you want greater control over your RGB, headphone volume, and polar pattern selection then install the Ngenuity. However, this software has a caveat, as it does not play on Mac OS and is restricted to Windows PC users. If you cannot use this software, you’re not missing out on the device as it is fully functional even without it. However, it does help from a cosmetic standpoint to control gradients, and solid colors, and turn off/on the lights much quicker.


HyperX Quadcast S is immensely flexible as you can use the USB microphone to plug and play on any device immediately. Out-of-the-box it can run on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Windows, Mac OS, and other operating systems. The input ports are also compatible with every device. The only restriction is with the Ngenuity software, which is limited to Windows PC users.


HyperX Quadcast S provides clear audio sound on all recording patterns. However, it boosts neutral leaning frequency responses and pushes down bass notes to offer a better proximity effect. This effect shows how the microphone can minimize unpleasant amplification and unwanted low-frequency distortions from far away. In addition, in our testing sessions, even if you are a few feet away from the mine, you can quickly get unbroken 48kHz/16-bit audio. A pleasant surprise was when we were testing the omnidirectional patterns setting, as many microphones can’t get it right with this setting. However, this is not the case with HyperX Quadcast S. The only problem you might face is recording in an untreated room where the microphone will catch on background noises.

difference between HyperX QuadCast S and the HyperX Quadcast

The difference between HyperX QuadCast S and the HyperX Quadcast

HyperX Quadcast S is similar to its predecessor in most significant areas, so you might be more tempted to go with the older editions since it is cheaper. However, suppose you’re an individual who prioritizes dynamic RGB and wants the Ngenuity software to control the colors and the volume adjustments. In that case, HyperX Quadcast S might be a better choice. Moreover, the older edition comes with a micro-USB, while HyperX Quadcast S has a USB-C port. In addition, the newer microphone shows off a faster bass frequency than the older model, which tends to make subtle noises.

What we like about HyperX Quadcast S

  • The excellent sound quality on any recording patterns
  • It has a newly integrated RGB adjustable color scheme
  • A 1 tap mute button for quick breaks
  • Four impressive polar patterns
  • It is perfect for individuals trying to get into video content creation

What we don’t like about HyperX Quadcast S

  • It is not small enough to be a great portable buddy
  • You cannot remove the microphone from the shock mount
  • The Ngenuity software is only compatible with Microsoft window PC users

If you’re a hobbyist who is looking into starting your journey through video online, HyperX Quadcast S is a stylish and well-sounding fit for you. The ease with which it can work out of the box and help you stream easily by connecting a few wires is the reason to buy it. It is perfect for gamers, educators, and any content creator who wants to make a visual mark with its RGB. It’s not overly expensive like other professional-grade audio gear, but that’s for a reason.

More complicated audio setups use an XLR microphone with an inbuilt-in processing feature that HyperX Quadcast S is missing. These higher-grade setups come with an improved preamp, enhanced interface, and a portable recording system that you can take on the go. However, if you’re not a substantial audio editor or an audiophile, you’re better off without it. HyperX Quadcast S provides a well-rounded output that doesn’t need post-capture processing, which can be more challenging, but this product is compatible with most audio software, and you can tune up things as you like.

At last, the quick buttons for mic control, turning off the LED lights, and changing recording patterns are the most significant selling point of HyperX Quadcast S. Moreover, for interviews, podcasts, and interactive sessions, the pop filter is convenient for having better conversations. If you can get your Quadcast S’s positioning right, you will be able to get professional-grade sound every time. Nonetheless, even with clumsy placement, it does more than a better job than any average mic.


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