Monitor Arms That Are Trending Among Tech Enthusiasts 2021

Enjoying some great screen time begins with putting your computer relative to your body in an optimal position. This helps to keep your eyes, ears, and back from getting tense or strained. Monitor arms are useful units built to carry one or more displays in a manner that removes the need for continuous readjustment. 

This article aims to illustrate some of today’s best monitor arms on the market and how you can pick one.

1. Ergotron – LX Desk Monitor Arm

Ergotron – LX Desk Monitor Arm



Product Highlights

Ergotron has been a popular ergonomic furniture manufacturer for three decades, with the LX Display Arm being one of the most famous products of the company. The LX arm helps you to change your screen’s height, width, and overall positioning. Additionally, you can adjust the arms according to your convenience.


This monitor arm features a rather elegant aluminum design that allows it to weigh a little more than many of the market’s other single monitor arm models. This monitor arm comes with ample longevity and is backed by a 10-year warranty by Ergotron.

Thanks to the available notebook tray attachment, the Ergotron LX can not only be used as a VESA display stand but can also be used to hold laptops. Also with up to 25-pound monitors measuring up to 34 inches, the arm itself is easy to transfer and remains in position well.

With 360 degrees of rotation and panning, the arms are also incredibly adjustable.

What We Like About Ergotron – LX Desk Monitor Arm

There is a range of reasons that could cause individuals to use a monitor arm. One could be the ability to switch the monitor exactly how you want along with the ergonomics (and convenience) which can be hard to give up. The desk space that is saved by getting the computer off the desk is invaluable for others. The Ergotron LX probably offers the characteristics you need no matter what your justification is for using a display arm. 

What We Don’t Like About Ergotron – LX Desk Monitor Arm

The only drawback of this monitor arm is that it is heavy. 

        Pros        Cons
Saves Space/strong>

2. EVEO Premium Dual Monitor Mount

EVEO Premium Dual Monitor Mount

Product Highlights

You can install two monitors on the same base with the EVEO Premium Dual Monitor Mount and change them as much as you please. This monitor arm will match your desired configuration, whether you want your monitors to be side by side or vertically stacked.


Every arm has a standard VESA mount on the end that can be balanced for your enjoyment and is capable of both 75-75 and 100-100 versions. Perhaps more impressively, each arm will carry up to a monitor of 17.6 pounds and features various degrees of rotation and pivot.

What We Like About EVEO Premium Dual Monitor Mount

If you’ve never used a multiple-monitor device before, then you’re missing out. The productivity increase is second to none, but if we’re honest, the real blessing is to be able to see YouTube or Discord while still being at the same time in a video game.

What We Don’t Like About EVEO Premium Dual Monitor Mount

The EVEO monitor arm is bulky. 

        Pros        Cons
Dual VESA mount
Can be configured according to your preference

3. Ergotech Single Freedom Arm

Ergotech Single Freedom Arm

Product Highlights

Ergotech’s Single Independence Arm will do it all, be it tilting, spinning, or panning the computer to suit your needs. 


The process of installation is fairly easy, but a helping hand is required. The clamp suits all desks that are no thicker than 2.5 inches. You don’t need to drill any holes in your desk. The arm mount comes pre-assembled on its own. All you have to do is bring all the pieces together and just connect your desk to the base. 

Besides, the arm flaunts quite a few pieces of metal, which not only ensures excellent longevity but also stability and safety. However, not for a 4K 40-inch display. You’ll need a stronger arm for this scale. The Single Freedom Arm can rotate 360 degrees in terms of versatility. For someone who likes to put their monitor in a portrait position, this is good news.

 Also, you should turn your arm up to 90 degrees upwards and 45 degrees downwards. You can pan the wall mount monitor arm 180 degrees and raise it to 14 inches above the desk surface. Do not tighten the screws too much so that you do not restrict the joints.

What We Like About Ergotech Single Freedom Arm

The Freedom Arm is extremely easy to handle, thanks to its simple but elegant nature. Two neutral color variations are used on the arm: metal grey and silver. For nearly all monitors, the neutral colors make this arm a perfect pick. The whole package is pretty secure, so you don’t have to worry about your screen falling off.

The Single Freedom Arm, identical to the Ergotron LX Display Arm, vaunts your cables with a management system. The device avoids tangling and helps to keep your wires out of your sight. The weapon is placed on a small but stable base that does not take up a whole lot of room on the desk.

What We Don’t Like About Ergotech Single Freedom Arm

You should remember that the base is slightly angled, which limits you from placing anything on top of it but you don’t have to use it as shelving, anyway. Also, it requires at least two people to install this arm. 

        Pros        Cons
Simple and elegant
Easy to use
Reduces wire clutter
Two people required for installation

4. VIVO Dual Monitor Mount

VIVO Dual Monitor Mount


Product Highlights

A dual monitor VESA desk mount that is very simple on the wallet is the most economical monitor arm on our list. Not only is this the cheapest option we are looking at, but also the highest-rated.


The VIVO dual monitor desk mount is built from robust steel and makes it easy to use and mount monitors. The arms adjust effortlessly and have an amazing amount of tilt, rotation, and swivel. But when it comes to the extension length, these arms can only reach around a foot after mounting the monitors.

It can support monitors up to 20Lbs and flaunts a long arm range. Along with having open top slot VESA plates, it also features a heavy-duty desk clamp. Moreover, the arm comes with a 3-year manufacturer warranty. 

What We Like About VIVO Dual Monitor Mount

However, aside from its affordability, one nice thing about this arm is that it can come with a desk clamp mount, its stand, or as a tall standing desk monitor arm.

What We Don’t Like About VIVO Dual Monitor Mount

This one fails when it comes to vertical adjustment compared to the other mounts on this list, as the entire arm must travel up and down to change the height. 

        Pros        Cons
Heavy-duty desk clamp
3-year warranty
Issues with vertical adjustment

5. Kanto DMS2000 Dual-Monitor Desktop Mount

Kanto DMS2000 Dual-Monitor Desktop Mount

Product Highlights

It is about finding a balance between design and functionality to achieve the ideal desktop setup. So, the DMS2000 has been designed to do just that. 


This dual gas shock display mount blends industrial influences with a sleek design to allow for finger-tip changes to be made to the height and orientation of your screens. To ensure they’re always in an ideal location, lift, tilt, swivel and rotate your monitors on the fly.

Besides, a smooth connection to your desk is provided by the detachable foundation. Its easy-to-use clamping mechanism can be fixed to any ledge or grommet hole up to 2 inches thick. 

What We Like About Kanto DMS2000 Dual-Monitor Desktop Mount

The DMS2000 also provides cable management clips for easy routing of your cables to ensure a clutter-free setup.

What We Don’t Like About Kanto DMS2000 Dual-Monitor Desktop Mount

There is a limited capacity on the load for each arm. 

        Pros        Cons
A perfect blend of design and functionality
Keeps desk clutter-free
Detachable foundation
Each arm can hold the limited weight


Our personal favorite on the list of best monitor arms is Ergotron – LX Desk Monitor Arm. It has all the required characteristics: sturdy, adjustable arms that are built to last along with a 10-year warranty. 

We have also mentioned other budget-friendly options that you can choose from. So pick an ideal monitor arm and watch your life become easier. 

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