The Newly Launched Acekool Best Stand Mixer 2021 in the U.S. Get Yours Now

Launched with the idea of propagating a healthier life for its users, Acekool has quickly climbed up the charts in terms of being a reliable brand with smart, easy-to-use products. Right from blenders to stand mixers and even air purifiers, Acekool offers a plethora of products that make use of the latest technology to bring nothing but the best appliances to your kitchen.

Whether you are a professional baker or just someone who loves to bake at home, a stand mixer is a must-have. This kitchen appliance can do just about anything; whether its fluffy batter for your cakes or soft dough for your pizzas, a stand mixer saves you time and effort. Not just that, stand mixers come with attachments and accessories to make any kitchen project such as DIY ice creams, smoothies, from-scratch pasta super easy.

For people and professionals who like to cook and bake, a stand mixer is getting more and more useful. The appliance is adaptable enough to whip up everything from airy layer cakes to stiff bread dough, and it cuts down on the time and effort of mixing by hand. What’s more, many stand mixers include accessories to tackle other kitchen projects, like from-scratch pasta, DIY ice cream, and freshly squeezed juice.

If you are residing in the United States and wondering if you can get your hands on Acekool products, then the answer is positive! Acekool Stand Mixer are available on Amazon and are highly cost-effective. So get one stand mixer for yourself right away.

Furthermore, customers in the United Kingdom have shown an immense amount of love to Acekool Stand Mixer and have helped the appliance rank in the top 10 of Amazon’s Best Selling products in the category of mixers.

So are you wondering what’s so special about these stand mixer that they have been selling like hotcakes? Let’s take a detailed look at its specifications to find out more.


Acekool Stand Mixer MC1


Acekool Stand Mixer MC1

Acekool Stand Mixer Overview:

  • Acekool Tilt-Head Electric Stand Mixer stands strong in the list of top mixers with its 1400W motor made of pure copper. The motor offers a high-level performance and will beat that cake dough nice and smooth for the fluffiest cake you have ever had.
  • Looking to bake large batches of cookies for the entire family? The Acekool Stand Mixer has a 7L stainless steel mixing bowl that will help you do exactly that.
  • Switch on the mixer and you will see a blue LED light as a power indicator so you don’t have to second guess if the mixer is really in the power-on mode or not.
  • Tired of mixers that vibrate while in use? Acekool’s new vibration absorption design ensures that there is absolutely no displacement while you’re using the mixer. Also, the mixer comes with 6 strong suction cups that bring steadiness to the body of the appliance.
  • Not only does Acekool ensure you get the best baking batter with this mixer but also that you don’t end up making a mess in the kitchen. Acekool Stand Mixer comes with a splash guard that helps prevent the batter from spilling outside the mixing bowl.
  • Remember the jarring noise from the kitchen on Sunday afternoons? The Acekool Stand Mixer has a lower operation noise (<75dB) which helps you bake peacefully and happily.
  • This mixer comes with a tilt head which ensures that you can easily access the mixing bowl along with an easy detachment of the bowl and other accessories.
  • Cleaning mixers can be quite a daunting task. Why not let the dishwasher do it? Acekool Stand Mixer is dishwasher friendly so that you don’t have to do the extra work.
  • Finally, Acekool gives you a 3-year guarantee with its stand mixer so that you can easily get parts replaced. You can also report an issue and get it sorted right away. You can learn more about this stand mixer through its user manual.

The Newly Launched Acekool Best Stand Mixer 2021 in the U.S. Get Yours Now 5The Newly Launched Acekool Best Stand Mixer 2021 in the U.S. Get Yours Now 6

The Newly Launched Acekool Best Stand Mixer 2021 in the U.S. Get Yours Now 7The Newly Launched Acekool Best Stand Mixer 2021 in the U.S. Get Yours Now 8


Acekool Stand Mixer MC1

Acekool Stand Mixer Features:

  • 10 Speeds

1-3 speeds for dough hook (bread, pizza, spaghetti)

4-7 speeds for beater (cookies and crepes)

8-10 speeds for whisking (eggs, sauces, cream)

  • 5 QT
  • 660W (US) / 1400W (UK)
  • Low noise
  • Vibration absorption
  • Anti-shake
  • Splash resistant
  • 3-year guarantee
  • Dishwasher friendly
  • LED power indicator


Detailed Review:

1. Tilt-head, Splash Guard, and Anti-slip Design 

When you are regularly whisking or blending with any mixer, the batter sprinkles out making the kitchen counter chaotic. But with this stand mixer, no such incidents can occur. This Acekool Stand Mixer has accompanies a Splash Guard Protection, which incorporates a splatter shield for spill-proof whisking and blending. One of the strongest features of this stand mixer is the Tilt-Head Design. According to this design, the head slants back to guarantee that there is sufficient space for blending. Likewise, the base is additionally steady because of the 6 anti-slip suction cups made of silicon.

2. 3-in-1 Baking Attachment Set

A dough hook, a whisk, a beater hook alongside a splash guard hook are the attachments that Acekool provides with this mixer. Such accessories make it the perfect 3-in-1 baking appliance. All the accessories and even the bowl can be easily detached thus making it easy to clean and maintain. The accessories are also dishwasher friendly which means you can clean them in no time.

3. Multiple Speeds and a Large Mixing Bowl

best stand mixer

Acekool Stand Mixer MC1

This is a 7-liter large stainless steel bowl, which is perfect for mixing dough for pizza, bread, cupcake, cookie, and several other types of treats. Not just different kinds of food, this stand mixer can also mix ingredients in large quantities almost for up to 6 to 7 people. Furthermore, this bowl has a handle that is easy to hold while you’re mixing any batter. This mixing bowl is built for nothing but convenience.

Also, the stand mixer has multiple speeds which include 1-3 speeds for dough hook (bread, pizza, spaghetti), 4-7 speeds for beater (cookies and crepes), and 8-10 speeds for whisking (eggs, sauces, cream).

Whether you’re an avid baker or just someone who is learning the ABCs of baking, having durable and top-quality baking appliances is a must. With this Acekool newly launched mixer, you can get a highly versatile appliance that provides value for money and can easily fit in your kitchen cabinet, thanks to its smart design.

Acekool, as a brand, excels in constant innovation and progress when it comes to crafting its products. Their tilt-head stand mixer is a perfect example of this principle. So place your order today and enjoy baking/cooking to your heart’s content.

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