best cheap gaming chairs under $100

Rest Your Back While Gaming with Best Cheap Gaming Chairs Under $100

Finding the best cheap gaming chairs under $100 online can be confusing as there are many options out there. Since you spent long hours on your chair for gaming, a comfortable chair is a necessity. Chairs with inadequate support can lead to back and neck problems. Stiff back and neck can be very uncomfortable, also musculoskeletal issues such as back and neck pain, hand stiffness, and even carpal tunnel syndrome are prevalent among gamers. Therefore, a good gaming chair with excellent neck and back support is a necessity especially if you engage in long hours of gaming. Gaming chairs are designed

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Amazon Daily Deals on Computers Accessories

Promo Code on Cell Phones & Accessories Oct 26, 2021 Update

Promo Code on Cell Phones & Accessories Oct 26, 2021 Update   Save 80%  Valid until 11/02/2021 11:59PM PDT AMAZON US ONLY Item: IDiSON 4Pack 4Color 4ft for MFi Certified iPhone Lightning Cable Braided Nylon Fast Charger Cable   Save 60%  Valid until 10/31/2021 11:59PM PDT AMAZON US ONLY Item: AZXL QI Magnetic Wireless Car Charger Aluminum Alloy Shell 15W Fast Charg Car Phone Mount Auto-Clamping Air Vent Holder Fast Charging Stand   Save 50%  Valid until 10/27/2021 11:59PM PDT AMAZON US ONLY Item: 4 Pack Hard PC Watch Case with Tempered Glass Screen Protector Compatible with Apple Watch SE

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Top 5 Black and White Laser Printers for Home Use that are Worth Your Money

Looking for the best black and white printers for home use? These days, they’re the exception rather than the rule. While black and white printers used to be significantly less expensive than color printers, the difference is no longer significant. The question is, what do you actually print with your printer? If you usually print letters and documents, or if you operate in monochrome, a black and white printer would be a better choice. It’ll get the job done, it’ll be less high-maintenance than a color printer because you won’t have to deal with several cartridges, and it’ll probably be

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best HDMI Cable for Gaming

Explore these Top 5 HDMI Cable for Gaming that are Trending 

Remember when you had to use component wires to link your media room? The only method to connect your media devices to the TV was to use these wires, which were not even standard length. These tangled wires were inconvenient to work with and required a long time to put up. Thanks to HDMI cables, the problem has been overcome by combining all audio and video wires into a single HD cable. Let’s check out more for the best HDMI cable for gaming. An HDMI cable connects your TV to a media device such as a DVD player, video game

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Best Mobile Hotspot for Gaming

Best Mobile Hotspot for Gaming to Boost Speed

Most mobile phones have a WiFi hotspot option to share the internet with your friends or share your device’s internet with another device. In case you are on a road trip and your internet is down, your friend can share their hotspot internet and share the data connectivity. Various companies now have launched hotspot devices that can let you access the internet anytime anywhere. Here is our article for the best mobile hotspot for gaming. 4G LTE networks are now faster and more reliable than before. With the promise of 5G connectivity, the cellular network will be faster than ever.

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best modem router combos for gaming

Up Your Gaming with the Best Modem Router Combos

The speed of your gaming depends on your internet connectivity. If you face a lot of lag while gaming then it is time to check out the source of your internet which is your modem and router. These days high-speed gaming needs powerful internet connectivity to handle high-resolution graphics, high-speed actions, and online gaming. Your modem and router should be capable enough to deal with the efficiency and speed gaming requires.   To avoid placing a modem and a router at home, many gamers adopt modem router combos. This is a  single unit that can act as both router and

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Best Looking PC Cases

Protect All Internal Components with Best Looking PC Cases

Many of us consider building a computer system better than buying a system. One of the important components that you require for building your computer system is a PC case. You would want to pick a PC case that is the right size for your needs and has enough room for all your hardware and USB devices. The PC cases in the market offer enough room, lower temperatures, muffled sound, extensive water-cooling support. The best looking PC cases have tempered glass panels to show off your RGB lighting and your build. A computer case serves critical functions needed to protect your

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what temperature should my cpu be

The Right Temperature For Your GPU

Is your GPU getting hotter and does this concern you? Well, as most tech-savvy, gaming enthusiasts and other professionals tend to use their computers for long hours. Computer components like CPU and GPU would start getting heated after continuous usage. And you can easily identify the GPU is getting hot when you hear loud fan noise.  What temperature should my GPU be? Overheating of GPU is a serious problem, which can lead to hardware failure. You’ll notice that with GPU temperature rising, the lifespan of the system goes down. And not giving any heed to this means you’ll get a

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What Is VSync in Gaming

How Does V-Sync Settings Help Improve Your Gaming Experience?

Graphics are an important part of your gaming experience.  Modern-day games demand a good graphics processor that can handle fast action graphic effects. Many computers now have a graphic processing unit to process graphics without the help of a CPU. Your computer will have integrated graphics within your processor or an independent graphics card. The graphics processor’s responsibility is to project visuals onto the screen.  You are going read this article about what is VSync in gaming? An important aspect of display systems that helps graphic processing is the refresh rate. Higher the refresh rate, the better the gaming experience.

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what is anti aliasing in games

Anti-Aliasing in Games: How to Remove Jagged Edges in Gaming Imagery?

Modern-day games are highly immersive compared to olden-day games. Images were basic in the old games of the late 90s. Old computer monitors were nothing compared to today’s resolution and intensity standards. Processors were not built to handle motion and image processing like today’s machines.  You would have noticed irregularities of images while playing a game. Sometimes smooth curves of objects appear step-like or jagged. This is called aliasing. Aliasing occurs because your device doesn’t have resolution specifications to handle the graphics of the game. To eliminate aliasing during gaming you need to know what is anti-aliasing in games.  What

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What is NAT Type Setting

NAT Type Explained: NAT Type Specifications for Gaming Online On Consoles

If you are a gamer you would have noticed the NAT Type option displayed in certain connection settings of your gaming console. When you try to play multiplayer games, your console will flash some connectivity error messages around lobbies and chat parties. These are NAT-type connection error messages that are preventing you from entering a multiplayer game. But what is NAT type setting and why is it important to online gaming? What is NAT Type Setting? There are numerous connected devices in the world with different addresses that can be used with the standard IP address format ( format, with

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best DNS severs

Best DNS Servers for Speed and Security

A DNS is often called “the phone book of the Internet,” because it is a collection of website names (URLs) with their corresponding numbers (IP Addresses). DNS services are hosted by DNS servers. A best  DNS server is any computer that is registered to join the DNS. When asked for, it can tell you the current IP address associated with a domain name. This means that when you type a domain name into your browser, your browser asks a DNS server what the IP address is for the particular domain, and the server will give you access to the information

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