The Best Free Games On Steam: Our Top 5 Popular Picks

Steam has a wealth of community features such as trading cards, a secondary market where players can sell in-game items, and an intricate series of achievements that feed into a badge system. Your options are nearly limitless, whether you want to play Skyrim or a free-to-play indie game.

If you have a specific gaming preference, Steam will recommend games to you in your Discovery Queue.

Looking for the best free games on Steam? Check out our top 5 picks: 

Counter Strike: Global Offensive

Command tactical shooter with a first-person view, designed to deepen and improve the very command game mechanics “five vs five,” which everyone has come to love and Counter-Strike for. In Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, a small post-restructuring includes both brand new maps, characters, and weapons, as well as a mountain of “classic” things like de_dust, de_nuke, and other religious levels. A slew of unique game modes, as well as board leaders and lobby, are all available to soldiers.

Valve’s developers presented this colorful multiplayer action game. It has become (and continues to be) the final project in the Counter-Strike series, so any fan should download CS GO for active entertainment. As in previous parts of the game, CS GO is entirely focused on the never-ending battle between two teams – special forces and terrorists.

This part was officially released in 2012, and the announcement came a year before the start of sales. There was almost no hope for it to succeed before it was released. CS: GO, on the other hand, quickly gained traction after its release, and it quickly became one of the most popular Steam games.

Counter Strike: Global Offensive


Dota 2 is a Valve Corporation-developed Action RTS game. On October 13, 2010, the game was formally announced, and on July 9th, 2013, it was released as a Free to Play game for Windows, and on July 18th, 2013 for Mac OS and Linux. Defense of the Ancients, a popular Warcraft 3 mod that was based on the StarCraft map Aeon of Strife, has been replaced.

Dota 2 is a competitive team game with RPG elements that is based on an RTS-styled MOBA. Each of the two competing teams (Radiant and Dire) has five players. The main goal in Dota 2 is to eliminate the enemy Ancient from within their stronghold. Multiple towers protect these strongholds along three lanes.

Instead of armies of units, as in traditional RTS games, each player controls a single Hero, a strategically powerful unit with unique abilities and characteristics that can be improved over time. When nearby creeps and heroes die, the hero gains experience, and after gaining enough experience, the hero gains a level, which increases the hero’s stats, and at most levels, the hero gains a skill point, which can be used to unlock or upgrade one of the hero’s abilities. A hero has six inventory slots that can be filled with Items that provide various benefits and abilities in addition to their fixed abilities. Gold is earned over time by killing creeps, killing enemy heroes, and destroying buildings.

Dota 2 places a strong emphasis on tactics and teamwork, as well as a significant amount of strategy, focused on quickly gaining strength, itemization, and deciding which order to upgrade your hero’s spells.


Apex Legends

If your child plays Fortnite, chances are they’ve heard of its new rival Apex Legends, the battle royale stage’s newest player. Although the game is aimed at a slightly older audience, it’s a lot of fun to play and could be the next big thing in gaming in 2019.

The game takes place in the Titanfall universe, which will be familiar to fans of Respawn’s other game franchises. Because it is free to play, it relies on loot boxes and microtransactions to make money. The players are dropped into Kings Canyon, the Apex Legends world, in three-person squads from an airship. To win, they must scavenge resources and eliminate the remaining 19 squads.

Unlike other battle royale games, players control their characters in first-person with a strategic focus. You can play as one of eight characters, each with its own set of skills, making the game more interesting and nuanced.

Finally, keep in mind that this is a free-to-play game that makes money through microtransactions, which are small payments for various in-game purchases. Apex Coins, which can be used to purchase Apex Packs, can be purchased with real money. Players use these loot boxes to customize their in-game avatars with skins, weapon camos, and banners. The developers have been chastised online for charging excessively high prices for their products, with some items costing up to £8 each.

Apex Legends

PUBG: Battlegrounds

PUBG (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds) is an action shooter in which 100 players battle it out until only one person, duo, or four-person team remains. PUBG Corporation released PUBG for the PC on December 20, 2017. The Xbox One version of the game is also available.

In PUBG, each match begins with each player parachuting out of a plane wearing only cosmetic clothing and no equipment. To avoid early elimination, players must scramble to pick up weapons and armor before their opponents do once they land somewhere on the massive 8 x 8 km map.

Gear is not only strewn about the map but it is also looted from defeated opponents. A shrinking “bubble” restricts the play area as the game progresses. Any players caught outside the bubble take damage over time, and if they do not return to the inside, they will die.

Destiny 2

Destiny 2 is a free-to-play looter shooter that combines elements from RPGs and MMOs with traditional shooter gameplay. You play as a Guardian, a once-dead human who has been resurrected by the Light of the Traveler, a para casual being. The Light has been given to us by the Traveler so that we can defend ourselves against forces that would otherwise destroy us. We do this by going on campaigns to eliminate new threats, launching Strike missions against enemy factions, and launching Raids in which Guardians go deep into enemy territory to take down extremely dangerous bosses.

Guardians sharpen their skills by battling each other in The Crucible, and Gambit will appeal to Guardians who enjoy fighting humanity’s enemies while also competing against other Guardians.

While Steam is home to a plethora of free games, the above-mentioned picks are the most popular in the gaming community. We hope you’ll have fun playing them!

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