Stay Safe and Shock-Proof in The Kitchen With These Safety Tips 2021

Small kitchen appliances are practical and usually simple to clean. To keep yourself safe when using small kitchen appliances, always unplug them when you’re finished with them, make sure the cord is free from obstruction, and read the manual before using. Home appliances have a long and established track record of protection when used properly. Long before they are launched for sale in the market, appliances are thoroughly checked for protection. The majority of appliance-related injuries are easily avoidable.

Here we will introduce some safety tips  to ensure you stay safe and shock-proof in the kitchen.

Stand Mixer Safety 

  • Always buy from a reputable dealer and obey the manufacturer’s directions when purchasing a new mixer. A new mixer should always be registered with the manufacturer. If a safety alert or recall is needed, you will be easily notified. 
  • Although the odds of a defective product causing significant damage are slim, the risk still exists, and returning or ordering a faulty product is easy. 
  • Check the plug and socket for burn marks, arcing sounds (buzzing or crackling), or whether it feels too hot to touch regularly. If your fuses are blowing or your circuit breakers are tripping, call a licensed electrician to investigate.
  • If you detect a burning odor or hear strange noises, turn off the mixer right away and call the store and/or maker. 
  • Moreover, in no case should the mixer be submerged in water or some other material. 
  • Also, make sure the mixer isn’t too close to the edge of the counter, and that the cord isn’t dangling over the side.
  • You should check to see which pieces should go in the dishwasher and which must be washed by hand.
  • 3When not in use, always switch off the mixer at the socket. 
  • Make sure the stand mixer isn’t overloaded. Most high-quality stand mixers have an overload safety device that will shut down the system if it is overloaded. In the unlikely event that this occurs, make sure to turn off and unplug the mixer. Then, to lighten the load, you can remove a few of the ingredients. Even, keep in mind that the liquid ingredients would combine better if you mix them in first.


Acekool Mixer MC1

Stay Safe and Shock-Proof in The Kitchen With These Safety Tips 2021 5

If you’re using the Acekool Mixer MC1 – Tilt-Head Electric Stand Mixer, it’s important to read the instruction manual that came with your stand mixer to ensure that you use it right away. Keep it in a convenient location where it will be easily available. If you have any questions about treatment that you can’t find in the manual or that aren’t answered here, most stand mixer manufacturers provide customer service.

Safety Measures While Cleaning a Stand Mixer

  • When cleaning the stand mixer, always make sure it is unplugged. Wipe the mixer down with a soapy sponge or sheet, being careful not to touch the thread. After each use, wash the bowl and its attachments. If the attachments aren’t being cleaned right away, make sure they’re soaking in warm water because the batter will harden and stick to them if not washed right away.
  • Apart from the wire whisk, which can bend quickly, the attachments can be washed in the dishwasher. Hand washing is advised because the bowl might be too big for your dishwasher. If your bowl is stainless steel, you can never clean it with a wire brush, steel wool, or bleach. Your bowl will be ruined as a result of this.
  • Use soapy water instead. Cleaning some residue with a vinegar and water solution is an option. You may use fresh squeezed lemon juice and water to get rid of any odors. Also, wash the mixer’s base, which is normally where the bowl is connected. If the edges aren’t washed, food residue will accumulate. Wipe down your stand mixer with a dry cloth after you’ve finished cleaning it.
  • Also, never submerge the whole machine in water because it is an electronic appliance that would be ruined as well as potentially harmful.


Stay Safe and Shock-Proof in The Kitchen With These Safety Tips 2021 6Stay Safe and Shock-Proof in The Kitchen With These Safety Tips 2021 7

How to Use a Pressure Cooker Safely

If you’re going to use a pressure cooker, don’t overfill it. Before raising the cover, make sure the pressure is released, and don’t cook large frozen meats because they can not cook through fully.

Slow Cooker and Crock-Pot Safety

When using a Crock-Pot or slow cooker, it’s safer to buy a newer model that’s been designed with food safety in mind. The newer models uniformly heat the food and keep it warm until it’s cooked, making it better to eat. Always place your slow cooker or Crock-Pot on a heat-safe, flat surface with no other things nearby. When your Crock-Pot or slow cooker has cooled down, clean it thoroughly.

How to Stay Protected While Using a Coffee Maker

When using your coffee maker, make sure not to overfill the water and pour your coffee carefully. Pour the coffee into a cup on a flat surface away from children or pets who could knock it over while keeping the heat-safe handle. If you burn yourself, immediately cool the affected area with cool water and seek immediate medical attention.


Stay Safe and Shock-Proof in The Kitchen With These Safety Tips 2021 8

In the Event of a Fire

Appliance fires can often be triggered by circumstances beyond your control. Smoke alarms and heat detectors are critical for keeping you secure in the event of a fire by sounding a warning. There should be at least one alarm/detector per floor, and they should be large enough to cover all places where a fire might start, and they should be checked regularly.

You should do everything possible to avoid a kitchen fire, but accidents do happen. So, before a fire breaks out, make sure you know how to use the extinguisher. In the middle of the fire, you can’t afford to waste any time reading the instructions.

We hope our article helped know all about using appliances safely in the kitchen to keep yourself and your family safe and sound. 

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