Best Cheap Mechanical Keyboards Under $100 2017 (July)

I hope you’ll not confront me when I say:

“Mechanical Keyboards are indispensable for making your computer work and experience pleasant”.

Frankly speaking, searching the best cheap mechanical keyboards under $100 2017 is not a piece of cake fellas. In fact, you must know the basics first. Mechanical Keyboard is a peculiar type of keyboard in which physical switches are used under the key. When the user pushes a key, its switch is pressed down and a signal to the CPU is sent telling it that a key has been pressed. This type of keyboard simply outclasses the other sorts in the aspects of framing, functionality, responsiveness, type print method, key construction, PCB Board and LED lightening.

Best Cheap Mechanical Keyboards Under $100 2017 – Buyer’s Guide

Advantages of Buying a Mechanical Keyboard:

Well guys, the hype of these keyboards are must because of a solid reason. Let me tell you those reasons, why this device is such a favorite among the peeps.

Precision and Speed:

You don’t want to press a keyboard button and wait for 10 seconds to see the computer response. Do you?

This incredible type of the keyboard just needs a half touch on the key and the response is sent quickly. In other words, movement economy is the thing, this type of keyboard provides.


Do you get bored by things too early fellas?

Well, Mechanical Keyboard is not just of one type, there are variations in it. Cherry MX switches are commonly used in these. These switches are also distinguished by colors which range from black and white to green and red, each having specific attributes associated with them. In short, you have got so many options of switches and colors, and choosing a device among a bunch must be a simple task for you.


The response time of these keyboards is also very fast. The computer gets the command the moment that key is pressed. Some keyboards also have a clicking sound when a key is pressed and some are just as quiet as night.


You must have experienced broken and malfunctioning keys in your earlier versions of keyboards guys. Let me tell you the reason. The life cycle of those devices was short. All you have to do now is, to buy a mechanical keyboard with appropriate life cycle. Cherry MX switches have a lifetime of 50 million keystrokes, far greater than 10 million, the number associated with membrane keyboards. So stop fretting about choosing the appropriate type of keyboard. Just close your eyes and put your finger over this keyboard. Your life will become easier, believe me. And you don’t have to pay high charges too buddies, you can just get the best cheap mechanical keyboards under $100.

What brands are reputable?

Alright guys, who is brand conscious among you?

Well, for the people who are not, it’s not a bad thing actually. If you get a quality product in a brand, forget the price, just get it. Let’s unveil the names of some reputable brands of these keyboards now fellas.


The products of this brand are quite expensive, but the quality of the switches is not debatable.

Cooler Master:

It is a big name in the cooling solution providers.  Keyboards are manufactured by this brand in all the price options.


This brand is trustworthy and the quality of the keyboards is just unarguable.


This name is having numerous products in the market, but the recent K70 series has got immense praise. Good option.


This is the specialized firm in keyboard and mouse manufacturing. Its products are available in all the price and quality ranges.

Das Keyboard:

This is a specialist keyboard fabrication company and solutions provided are just great.

Features to consider before buying:

You can’t go in the market for buying a keyboard without knowing its traits, that’s silly. So what to do? Get yourself knowledgeable about the crucial factors associated with the device and get the best cheap mechanical keyboard under $100. That’s the way to execute it peeps. Let’s start talking about those factors now.


Multiple layout options are available, talking about the keyboards specifically guys. It depends on your choices and ease of handling. The first and the most common form is the 104-key full-size layout. This option is most suitable for the novices or the people who want to have maximum features on just one click.

Well buddies, can’t handle a bigger heavy device? Let me put you at ease by introducing a smaller  version, Tenkeyless (TKL), also termed as 80% boards. NUM pad is gone in this form, but it facilitates you in two aspects, space and money.

Stay buddies, there is another form too, a 60% or mini keyboard. Only alpha keys are remained in this form and everything else is dropped. You can access every function, though, by using a combination of keys. 40% keyboards are also there in the market.


Various switch options are available in these keyboards fellas. Cherry MX and various cherry clones are the types in terms of switches. These sorts are distinguished by the schemes of color coding representing the unique characteristics of each key.

Key Caps:

Have you ever mixed the keys of the keyboard with each other guys? Well, choose the keyboard having clear white colored caps this time. Look for the quality of caps too, because your keyboard really looks ugly with a broken key.

Let’s start our reviews now.

1. Corsair STRAFE Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Corsair STRAFE doesn’t need any introduction as you all know about it my friends. Its keyboards are among the most desirable on the market thanks to its excellent build quality and a stylish design.


Features are the true reflection of any gadget; let’s discuss its features in detail.

Cherry MX Blue Key Switches

Do you want comfort and speed in the same breath?

Don’t worry fellas. Cherry MX Blue Key Switches are here for this particular purpose. With a single light click, you can get 60g of feedback and in this way, you get both aural and tactile responses. Blues are also there for you, if you want maximum feedback when you’re hitting the actuation point.

There are some other things that every gamer can get a competitive advantage from like gold-cross point contacts, gold-plated contact closure and pressure-resistant metal alloy springs.

Dynamic Backlighting

Do you like backlighting while using?

Exceptional Red backlighting is there which may enhance the experience with six unique presets or craft of your choice. So cool it is.

Easy Connections and Endless Programmability

Are you busy bee and don’t have time for connections?

Don’t worry peeps. The built in USB pass-through gives simple and easy connection for some portable things like USB drive, mouse or even a wireless headset adapter. Moreover, Corsair Utility Engine (CUE) provides superb limitless keyboard programmability for outrageous gaming control of any key.

Audio On The Fly

Are you music lover and want audio music while not gaming?

Cheers my friends. This keyboard provides you this facility. You can effortlessly play, pause and even skip audio tracks when you are not playing any game. Looks ridiculous, is it?

Comfort And Control

Who doesn’t want ease and control while gaming? No one. Is it?

This keyboard has come with textured and contoured keycaps that allow maximum grip and enhanced feel. You many personalize your experience by selecting between FPS and MOBA kits. Moreover, this keyboard has 104 keys, same as those used in the Corsair K95 RGB with 100% anti-ghosting and full-key rollover to prevent lag and input jamming.


Our team has tested Strafe for a couple of weeks in both, general use and in intense gaming scenarios and found it really impressive. It’s easy to type and relatively silent. It is dependable and can keep pace with intense portions of shooters and action games. It feels good to use for typing and gaming, and did not slide or move around during game play in testing.


  • Highly customizable and solidly built.
  • Nice choice for everyday smasher.
  • Very sturdy and comfortable.
  • Exceptional CUE software.
  • Reasonable price.
  • Very responsive.


  • Red backlighting only.
  • No wrist rest.


The Strafe maintains the essential features of a mechanical gaming keyboard while keeping the cost moderate. If you’re looking for a straightforward, dependable gaming keyboard with plenty of customization options, the Corsair Strafe Mechanical Gaming Keyboard will not let you down. It is recommended from our side.

2. Rosewill Mechanical Gaming Keyboard with Cherry MX Brown Switches (RK-9000V2 BR)

Rosewill RK-9000V2 BR is a solid and durable professional gaming keyboard. It provides a fast response and tactile feel, which makes typing and gaming a more rewarding experience. You can enjoy the precision of multiple simultaneous key presses with the N-key rollover function.

100% Cherry MX Brown Mechanical Key Switches

This keyboard is just amazing as it provides 100% Cherry Brown MX Switches. These switches deliver a fast and somewhat precise response with great tactile feedback. So cool it is.

N-Key Rollover Function

This keyboard has come with an amazing N-key rollover function which is very essential for gamers. The main advantage of this is that it permits up to 104 keys to be pressed at the same time in PS/2 mode and 6 keys in USB mode.


This keyboard is just perfect for extensive typing and professional gaming with an amazing life cycle up to 50-million clicks and a sturdy internal red metal chassis. The laser printed keycaps are there to prolong the visibility and durability of the letters/numbers on the keyboard.

Windows Key Lock:

We know that Windows key disables the Windows key. You can avert the Windows key from working and interfering during critical gaming events. Moreover, multimedia keys are also there which give the user direct control from your keyboard.


  • Great, responsive and not too loud.
  • Includes both USB and PS/2 cables.
  • Mini USB connection is available.
  • Comfortable and easy.
  • Strong and sturdy.
  • Reasonable price.


  • Fast typing issues.
  • Loose USB board.


So, it was all about this keyboard. Keeping its price, durability and features in mind, it can be good choice. Its goods are much better than bad ones. Now, it is up to you go give it a try or not.

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