Choose From These 4-Slice Toasters for Crispy Toasts Everyday 2021

You will see, instantly, that there is a great range of choices to pick if you’re in the market for a new toaster. It is understandable if finding the right model can be daunting with 2 or 4 slice toasters, plastic and metal picks, and long slots. Here are the best 4-slice toasters to buy in 2020.

Best 4-slice toasters- Comparative Table


 Model Features 
1.Acekool Toaster TA1 – Stainless Steel 4-Slice Toaster
  • 7 shade settings for browning
  • Anti-leak proof


2.KitchenAid KMT5115BM
  • Thin and long slots
  • Consistent browning


3.Cuisinart CPT-180P1
  • 6 shade settings
  • Cord wrap to avoid clutter


4.Hamilton Beach 4 Slice (24810)
  • 3 beep notification when the toasting is done
  • ‘Keep warm setting is a highlight
5.Smeg TSF02RDUS
  • Aesthetic vintage appearance
  • Bagel and defrost functions



1. Acekool Toaster TA1 – Stainless Steel 4-Slice Toaster

Acekool Toaster TA1

Choose From These 4-Slice Toasters for Crispy Toasts Everyday 2021 3

Product Highlights

The Acekool Toaster TA1 – Stainless Steel 4 Slice Toaster is your new breakfast buddy that will make your morning smoother, easier and healthier. This newly-released toaster tops the chart with its versatility and economical price.


The toaster is energy efficient and provides two different units to track the toast area on a separate basis. So the section without the bread consumes no energy and does not heat up when you heat only one piece of bread.

Browning for those who don’t like crunchy toasts is a great draw. So the Acekool Stainless Steel 4 Slice Toaster offers 7 different shade settings if you want the perfect shade of brown. You can finish the baking whenever you want with a special canceling feature.

Besides, you can perfectly toast the slides of your bagel thanks to the unique bagel feature of Acekool Stainless Steel 4 Slice Toaster. The Acekool toaster has a freezing feature that can quickly thaw the bread. It has 2 warming racks – where croissants can be heated – and a two-sided heating setting as found in most toasters. This toaster helps your toasts to pop up and ensures that they are quickly removed with a high lift lever. Also, you’ll receive a crumb tray that can be pulled out to gather loose crumbs during toasting. Moreover, the toaster has a cord storage underneath it which keeps the countertops clutter-free.

Since kitchen appliances are used by all members of the family and are often near water or other flammable materials, protection is often a concern. Acekool has crafted its toaster in such a way that it never overheats. Besides, it is also leak-proof and anti-scalded so that you don’t have to be extra careful while making your toast.

And, in case of any quality issues, Acekool provides a 12-month free return or replacement warranty.

        Pros        Cons
12-month warranty
Warming racks to keep toasts warm
Does not overheat
None(as per our experience)

2. KitchenAid KMT5115BM

KitchenAid KMT5115BM

Product Highlights

A 4-slice toaster is a way to go if you’re toasting for the whole family. This is another KitchenAid toaster, but this one has two longer slots than a typical 4-slot toaster.


It has a long and thin shape, and the wide slots allow it to fit larger slices of bread, such as a long panini. This toaster is notable for its ‘a little longer’ mode, which allows your toast to rise a little longer if it isn’t quite finished.

Besides, it was also the best one for toasting uniformly, all the way to the edges and producing consistent results after several batches. The bagels toasted by this appliance really stand out.

It’s also worth noting that it’s a long toaster to fit on your counter at 45cm. It also comes with fewer color options than other KitchenAid versions.

        Pros        Cons
‘Little Longer’ feature for crispier taste
Long, extra-wide slot
No warming rack

3. Cuisinart CPT-180P1

Cuisinart CPT-180P1

Product Highlights

Cuisinart makes some of the most well-known two- and four-slice toasters available today. Because it has dual control panels, this four-slice toaster is marketed as two toasters in one.


This helps you to adjust various toast settings at the same time if you like your bread more well-done than your significant other. The toaster slots are extra-wide at 1 1/2 inches each, allowing thicker bagels and pastries to fit in.

On an easy-to-use knob, there are six browning settings, as well as buttons for reheating, defrosting (think frozen waffles and toaster pastries), and bagels. Many toasters now have an extra-lift lever that allows you to extract your toasted products without having to touch the hot toaster.

Besides, it’s made of brushed stainless steel and has some retro design elements for added pleasure. It’s also available in black stainless steel, metallic red, and stainless with white highlights, among other colors. Moreover, a cord wrap keeps things tidy on the cabinets, and a slide-out crumb tray keeps the toaster clean.

Many reviewers believe that this toaster is simple to operate and reliably produces evenly browned thin and thick-cut bread slices.

        Pros        Cons
Ideal size
Two control panels
Easy to read and use dials
Power cord could be longer

4. Hamilton Beach 4 Slice (24810)

Hamilton Beach 4 Slice (24810)

Product Highlights

If you need to toast up to four slices of bread at once but don’t have a lot of counter space, this Hamilton Beach two-slot model is a good option.


Four slices of bread, bagel halves, or English muffins can be placed side by side in the slots, which have been constructed with extra length and width. The “keep warm” setting is what really makes this model shine. If you get distracted while cooking or forget to grab your toast when it’s hot and ready, you can reheat it for an additional three minutes without it burning or drying out if you use that feature.

It also has a lever lift to help you pop toast from the slots, an under-base cord wrap, and a three-beep notification to signal the end of each toasting cycle. Some reviewers don’t like that the beeping can’t be turned off, but if you often forget about your toast, you might appreciate the extra reminder.

        Pros        Cons
Useful keep warm feature
Cannot turn off beeping at end of each toasting cycle

5. Smeg TSF02RDUS

Choose From These 4-Slice Toasters for Crispy Toasts Everyday 2021 4

Product Highlights

Smeg, an Italian brand, has been making inroads in the American market and gaining a following, thanks to its retro look and unique color options that will stand out in any kitchen.


This toaster has a powder-coated steel exterior with polished chrome accents. This toaster earned high marks from reviewers for its slots. It includes two slots, both long and wide, allowing you to toast four slices of standard toast, two extra-long slices, or two split bagels.

The bagel setting helps you to toast bagels or English muffins on one side only while using the toaster. There are also reheat and defrost options. Besides, the anti-slip feet prevent it from sliding around on the fridge, and the removable crumb tray makes cleaning a breeze. Also, when the toast is finished toasting, it will pop all the way out of the toaster.

        Pros        Cons
Modern design
Long and wide slots
Premium bagel and defrost features
Toast pops right out of the toaster


We hope you will make a wise choice and pick the best 4-slice toaster that is not only cost-effective but also highly versatile in terms of its functions. Toasts are the go-to breakfast for most people so make sure you invest in a 4-slice toaster that gives crispy golden brown toast every time.

Moreover, before you invest in one, understand why you need a 4-slice toaster and how will it benefit you. This will probably help you make a smarter decision when choosing a 4-slice toaster.

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