The Best 75 Inch TV with Wide Screen for HD Viewing Experience 2021

Over the past few years, TV technology has advanced leaps and bounds and consequently, revolutionized the TV viewing experience with wider screens and much better picture quality. Unlike, the older generation Plasma TVs, the latest ones are in-built with features to give a real feel of the content you’re watching. 

Currently, the manufacturers are quite inclined to making 75 inches to 77 inches TVs, which are capable of giving you a home theatre like feel. Plus, these newer 75-inch smart TVs are built with 4K resolution and internet connectivity. Unlike the older ones, these 75-inch TVs manufactured by reputed companies like LG or Sony usually uses OLED technology for HD picture quality and home theatre Dolby sounds. 

Since the market has tons of options, be it 75-inch LED or OLED or QLED TVs, this can be really confusing. And if you’re looking for such a TV, then this compilation of the 5 best 75-inch TV is surely going to help you pick the perfect one. 

So, let’s delve more into this to decipher the top-rated products. 

  1. Sony X950H 75 Inch TV:

Sony X950H 75 Inch TV


Crafted by Sony, the X950H 75 Inch TV enables you to explore a new level of picture quality. X950H 4K HDR LED TV is built with Picture Processor X1 Ultimate, which is undoubtedly the best processor of Sony. This processor can boost the contrast, color, and clarity of the TV and brings a realistic appeal to the content. Plus, it has a Triluminos display, which also contributes to its excellent picture quality with advanced colors and gradation as well.

Further, it has a sleek design along with a thin bezel, which keeps you glued to the screen. Since it is an LED TV, Sony builds a Full-Array LED that enables you to experience amazing contrast with X-tended Dynamic Range Pro 6x. With this feature, you can even experience bright highlights and dark scenes quite clearly. 

Sony X950H 75 Inch TV has the ability to match the picture with the sound really well. And this is credited to the Acoustic Multi-Audio that matches the sounds with the picture along with individually mounted tweeters. These tweeters are positioned at the back of the TV and it follows the action displayed to provide a truly mesmerizing viewing experience. 

Lastly, it is compatible with ALEXA and other smart devices via Google Assistant. If you’re a PlayStation lover, then with this TV your gaming experience will be enhanced. This happens because of the in-built Game Mode for smoother and more responsive gaming. Sony X950H 75 Inch TV is a fine smart Android TV loaded with features and apps for an engaging cinematic experience. 

        Pros        Cons
Picture Processor X1 Ultimate
Triluminos display
Full-Array LED
In-built Game Mode
Acoustic Multi-Audio
Viewing angles needs improvement
Doesn’t have HDMI 2.1 ports





If you want an affordable alternative to LG OLED 77 inch Smart TV, then SAMSUNG QN75Q80TAFXZC 75-inch Class QLED Q80T Series is the model. This truly is a smart TV with an interface that notes what you like to watch and based on it automatically suggests content you may like.

Built with Quantum Dot technology, SAMSUNG QN75Q80TAFXZC 75-inch TV sets a new world of colors. This technology enables you to experience a billion colors bursting out of HD quality images and each color is upscaled to increase the clarity. All this is credited to the excellent Quantum 4K processor, which is currently the best on the market. 

Besides, the TV has direct Full Array 12X’ controlled backlights and this offers richer blacks and sharp details with supreme contrasts. With this feature, you can easily experience little details in bold color contrasts. Further, the TV has an Adaptive Picture feature that adjusts the lighting conditions around the TV to get an amazing picture quality. It focuses on the picture regardless of the surrounding. So, even if you’re sitting in a sunlit or a dark room, the viewing experience remains the same. 

Apart from these features, the TV also comes with Object Tracking Sound. This feature tracks the action or the motion on the screen and produces an active sound. Thus, watching any action-packed movie on this TV will give you an amazing and realistic 3D experience. 

Well, your viewing experience gets even better with Quantum HDR 12X. Through this, you get deeper contrasts and incredible brightness that enhances every detail of the picture. Above all, the HDR10+ element adjusts the color, contrast of every scene; thus giving a dynamic and highly defined realistic picture.  

        Pros        Cons
Quantum Dot technology
Quantum 4K processor
Full-Array 12X’
Adaptive Picture
Object Tracking Sound
Lacks Dolby vision
Doesn’t have Freeview Play
Screen corner appear darker


  1. Hisense 75-Inch Class H8 Quantum Series

Hisense 75-Inch Class H8 Quantum Series


If you want a smart 4K resolution TV that is perfect for watching movies, TV shows, and gaming, then the ideal model is Hisense 75-Inch Class H8 Quantum Series. This ULED TV offers you astonishing picture quality and much richer audio. 

It uses quantum dot technology to create images with richer colors, sharp contrast, better brightness, more details, and slicker motion. With the 75-inch smart TV, you can surely unlock the over a billion colors displayed at a great quality. It has a wide spectrum of features like the ultra-bright details of HD resolution, full-array local dimming zones, android compatibility, and many more. With these features, you can enjoy your favorite streaming OTT platforms and play online games, as it is built to suit satellite, cable, and free air broadcasts. 

Further, the full-array local dimming zones lets you enjoy a superior HDR experience using its 700-nits peak brightness throughout the 90 local dimming zones.  It also has a game mode that prevents input lags for more boosted gaming. 

However, the best thing about this TV is its combination of Dolby Vision HDR picture and Dolby Atmos audio technologies to give you a riveting home theatre experience. We also liked its slim bezel-less frame and sleek aesthetic body. Lastly, its automated scene recognition feature helps you control the audio and video of the content you’re watching. 

So, get this 75-inch smart TV to turn your home into an intense entertainment zone and enjoy a true cinematic experience. 

Pros Cons
Uses quantum dot technology
Ultra-bright details of HD resolution
Full array local dimming zones
Android compatibility
Dolby Vision HDR picture and Dolby Atmos audio
Very limited storage
Might experience freezes and lags





SAMSUNG QLED LS03 Series QN75LS03TAFXZA, a smart TV, that looks like an aesthetic piece of art when off and displays extraordinary 4K resolution pictures when playing any content. With a beautiful OLED screen, this 75-inch TV feature 100% color volume with Quantum dots. These dots produce almost a billion different shades of color that deliver realistic images. 

It comes with a powerful processor that uses artificial intelligence for creating 4K resolution images for extraordinary performance. Further, it has a dual-LED backlighting technology to ensure proper adjustment in the color tones for a realistic feel. 

The most notable aspect of this 75-inch beauty is its frame. Looks nothing less than a piece of art, it is a TV that you can either hang or mount on a studio stand, as it transforms the décor of your house. Another noticeable aspect of TV is the active voice amplifier, which ensures you catch every word of the content you’re watching by canceling all background noise. These amplifiers analyze the surrounding noises and cancel them to enhance the audio so that you can hear the dialogues clearly. 

With these hosts of features, SAMSUNG QLED LS03 Series elevates your viewing experience by providing next-gen apps for a thorough cinematic feel.  

        Pros        Cons
Extraordinary 4K resolution
100%color volume with Quantum dots
Uses artificial intelligence
Beautiful and aesthetic frame
Active voice amplifier
Doesn’t have Google Assistant
Brightness quite low
Might notice some color issues


  1. TCL 6-Series


TCL 6-Series

Roku TV R635 manufactured by TCL is currently one of the best value 75-inch TVs on the market. Built with great dynamics and display along with Quantum dot technology as well as mini LED backlighting supported by an exceptional video processor, this TV offers enhanced performance.

This 6-Series 4K TCL Mini-LED QLED TV features the HDR Pro Pack with Dolby vision combined with the Quantum Dot technology delivers greater brightness, and richer contrast and color. Using this TV, you can easily access thousands of streaming channels uninterrupted. 

Besides, it has a mini LED backlight technology that delivers great contrast and brightness. The most well-created part of this TV is the AiPQ Engine, which gives away machine-learning algorithms for enhancing colors and contrast, also brings clarity for a bolder HDR performance. We found that this  75-inch TV has contrast control zones wherein the image contrast is optimized across certain individual zones to get sharper contrast in highly localized zones. This offers an unparalleled depth and realistic feel. 

The audio quality isn’t much great on this TV, as it comes with 8-watt speakers inside. However, you can add Dolby Atmos support soundbars to match the sound to the gigantic 75-inch screen. Keeping aside the audio, this TV offers huge options for apps and an excellent interface. So, you can easily access different streaming apps and enjoy your entertainment time. 

Overall, the TCL 6-Series R635 Roku TV is a set that is defined by its value. Besides,  its features and quality are one of the best in the market considering its price. 

        Pros        Cons
Comes with an exceptional video processor
QLED enhancement
Amazing Gaming Performance
Improved Roku remote
Offer great apps and easy interface
Sound quality needs improvement
Some apps don’t have Roku


Buying Guide

As we curated this list of 5 best 75 inch TV, we came across certain points that you might want to consider before purchasing one: 

  • Resolution- Some consider it the most important factor. These 75 inch TVs are available in different resolutions to cater to the needs of the customers. The basic resolution found in most TV is HD or HD Ready, which has a pixel count of 1280×720. For even clearer images, you can go to Full HD TVs, which has a pixel count of 1920×720. If you are a gamer and want to enhance your gaming experience, then you should go for the 4K TV’s. It gives you a very high pixel count of 3840×2160. Then comes the next-gen TVs, the 8K ones. This model can produce images four times clearer than a 4K TV. The final variant is HDR or the High Dynamic Range. It adds light and contrast and produces some of the most realistic images. 
  • Sound- If you want to have a fully immersed experience in a 75 inch TV, the sound is a very vital factor. Some of these TVs have Dolby Digital Sound System, which gives a 360 degree sound experience. It works on five different bandwidth channels, front-right, front-left, center, back-right and back left. 
  • Interface- These 75-inch TVs come with different Operating Systems and have their own framework to run smart applications. LG’s WebOS can run only one task at a time and it works on SoC (System-on-chip). The next operating system is Android OS, which is run by Google and mostly used by Sony. The Smart Hub operating system is used in Samsung LED TVs, which allows the user to access and use the applications very easily. It also improves your viewing experience. Panasonic uses the Firefox Os that enables you to pin down your favorite channel. 
  • Warranty and Price- Two most significant factors you must consider before buying a 75-inch TV are its warranty and price. In general, a product that comes with a warranty becomes even more reliable to a customer. Most of the TVs come with a 1-2 year warranty. If you have any financial constraints, you should go through the price range beforehand. The price varies from one lakh rupees to four lakh rupees. 

We recommend Sony X950H as the best 75-inch TV that delivers excellent HD resolution images along with Acoustic Multi-Audio for extraordinary sound effects. Even though the viewing angles of the model require some improvement, yet it is a perfect choice for those who want to feel a great cinematic experience while watching TV. 

Nevertheless, you can also go with the other products on the list if it complies with your budget and requirements.

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