Best DNS Servers for Speed and Security

A DNS is often called “the phone book of the Internet,” because it is a collection of website names (URLs) with their corresponding numbers (IP Addresses). DNS services are hosted by DNS servers. A best  DNS server is any computer that is registered to join the DNS. When asked for, it can tell you the current IP address associated with a domain name. This means that when you type a domain name into your browser, your browser asks a DNS server what the IP address is for the particular domain, and the server will give you access to the information on that webpage.

Internet service providers [ISP]s run local DNS servers that will contain the information of all the popular websites and the websites that their customers normally visit. Sometimes ISPs use poor DNS servers that result in sluggish internet activity. The web pages load slow and the scroll time for each webpage drags. If you require high-speed internet for work, it is not the best idea to depend on DNS servers hosted by your ISP. Apart from the commercial DNS servers hosted by ISP, there are anonymous DNS, public DNS ad-free DNS servers. 

Public (free) DNS servers improve internet speed. Internet speed is the main reason people change their DNS. The best DNS servers allow for a more stable route for your internet connectivity letting you access the web browser and webpage content within a fraction of a second. Here are some of the best DNS servers for speed that you can consider for speedy internet if your ISP’s DNS server is not reaching your expectations. 

Best DNS Servers for Speed and Security

1. Smart DNS

Smart DNS is owned by Smart DNS Proxy and houses fast and secure DNS servers. You would need to change your DNS IP address in your device to Smart DNS Proxy IP addresses. Once you change the IP address all your DNS queries will go through Smart DNS’s secure DNS network. These servers are secured and encrypted. There will be no logs in the company’s network, therefore all your queries are anonymous. This DNS server is known for its quick load times and easy setup. 

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2. OpenDNS

OpenDNS is owned by CISCO and promises to make your internet faster, safer, and more reliable. This DNS server has filtering or pre-configured protection which helps you add parental and content filtering controls to every device in your home.  OpenDNS is one of the best cloud-based DNS servers that can help protect your computer from malicious attacks. The company also offers DNS for PS4 which has features including blocking of phishing sites, high operating speeds, 100% uptime, optional parental controls, and free email technical support.

OpenDNS offers two free solutions for personal customers, OpenDNS Family Shield and OpenDNS Home. The OpenDNS Family Shield is a pre-configured solution that can block adult content while OpenDNS Home features customizable filtering, theft & phishing protection.

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3. Google Public DNS

Google’s Public DNS is one of the best DNS servers that are 100% free, effective, and a simple alternative to your existing ISP’s DNS. Google’s servers are faster, stable, and resilient that handles millions of users globally. This public DNS server has improved security features and outshines other servers when it comes to accurate search results. 

The only disadvantage with the Google DNS is that it stores information about your operations which could be shared with third-party applications. It logs the information of the search engine for 24 to 48 hours for diagnostic and troubleshooting purposes. Permanent logs eliminate any confidential information and location details are captured up to the city level. A small portion of these logs will be randomly deleted after 14 days. 

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4. Comodo Secure DNS

Comodo has a worldwide network of DNS servers. Therefore, wherever you are you will be able to get a fast internet connection. It spans 15 nodes around the world with at least one in every continent. Each node has several servers ready to serve local users. The server has a high focus on security and keeps you away from malware and fraudulent websites. The company keeps its blocklists updated regularly. The server can also effectively handle parked domains. 

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5. Neustar DNS

Formerly known as UltraDNS, Neustar delivers fast and accurate search results for browsers and other vital online assets. The company uses BGP and IP Anycast routing schemes to manage over 55 billion global queries per day. Neustar has 30 nodes across six continents. These nodes are co-located with the firm’s top-level domain (TLD) servers to provide zero-latency responses. The servers can block different types of malware or inappropriate websites as well. 

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6. DNSWatch

DNSWatch is known for offering DNS servers free of any censorship. The company aims to make efficient and reliable internet available for everyone. It is a cloud-based subscription service that can protect your network, devices, and users from malicious websites.  Whether the request is made on or off your network, the server monitors every DNS request regardless of the connection type, protocol, or port.

If a user tries to access a malicious or filtered web domain, a block page appears in the browser warning the user. DNSWatch also helps you create a content filter policy to block domains by categories. 

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7. Verisign

Verisign provides its public DNS server. It operates a large registry of .com, .net, .name, .cc, and .tv domain names. The server gives a stable internet connection and accurate search results with speed. It provides routing support for approximately 168 million domain names and processes over 213 billion DNS queries in a day. They have tie-ups with other internet companies to ensure the secure, stable, and resilient operation of their DNS.

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8. Cloudflare

Cloudflare DNS is one of the fastest DNS servers in the world offering an average DNS lookup speed of 11ms and DNS propagation in less than 5 seconds. It offers impressive response times, airtight levels of privacy, and a community forum for technical support. Cloudflare server will not log the querying IP address and logs that are stored will be deleted in 24 hours. 

Cloudflare offers built-in DDoS protection and one-click DNSSEC to ensure your applications are always safeguarded from DNS attacks. Smartphone users can utilize WARP that secures all internet traffic on mobile devices.

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9. Quad 9 

 Quad9 is the DNS service to choose if you are looking for security. It routes your searches and queries through a secure network of servers over the world. This DNS service focuses on security, performance, privacy, and speed. It was built primarily to offer security to protect its users. Along with security, Quad9 also provides anonymity. It protects you from phishing, malicious attacks, and malware. It also blocks malicious domains and unsafe websites by utilizing threat intelligence from different cybersecurity companies to detect fraudulent sites, cloned sites, and infected websites. 

If you are looking to install DNS software to increase the speed of your internet you should first conduct a DNS Benchmark test. This will let you know which DNS server is best for your connection. Security is the most important factor while using the internet. If you have some confidential data stored on your laptop or if you work with confidential information on your computer, then security is the primary feature you should focus on.

Clicking unwanted links and opening emails containing ransomware or spyware should be avoided. Most DNS servers offer speed and security features. They also have content filtering and parental control features to filter the content being displayed on a website as well as block certain websites.


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