Best Mechanical Pencil for Fine Technical Draftsmanship 2021

With the right tools, an artist or a designer can create a true copy of the picture in their imagination. While old-school artists used regular pencils to create a picture, the new-gen artists are using mechanical pencils to power through their creations easily in a cost-effective manner. These pencils are easier to use compared to regular pencils to create a design.  This article will bring you more information about Best Mechanical Pencil.

Mechanical pencils have been in use for quite a while. There are a variety of models and also products that are built specifically for artists and designers. Unlike a regular pencil, a mechanical pencil doesn’t require sharpening as the lead is not bonded to the outer casing. You just need to click to extend the lead and finally replace the lead once it gets over. 

These pencils are more comfortable than regular wood pencils as it gives sufficient grip while drawing. Besides, it promotes more detailed drawing compared to wood pencils. 

Here we have listed some of the best mechanical pencils that are suitable for artists and designers.

Best Mechanical Pencil – Our Reviews and Comparisons:

1. Pentel Graphgear 1000

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Product Highlights

The Pentel GraphGear 1000 has a metal design with a metallic grip reinforced with latex-free pads. The combination of knurled metal and soft pads makes the grip very comfortable and also easy to handle without any slipping when drawing. Besides, the pencil is lightweight at around 18 gms making it a great pick for drawing. 


The Pentel GraphGear comes with a dual-action retractor. This causes the lead to retract and flex under pressure to ensure that the tip never breaks. This is a handy feature if you carry pencils around as it helps the tip to remain undamaged in your pencil case/pocket. 

Further, the tube is retracted by simply pressing the spring-loaded pocket clip. It is extended and locked back again by pressing the button located at the end of the pencil. 

What We Like About Pentel Graphgear 1000

The mechanical pencil has a dual-action retractor.

What We Don’t Like About Pentel Graphgear 1000

The Pentel Graphear is fragile. 

        Pros        Cons
Dual-action retractor

2. Uni Kurutoga 

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Product Highlights

As one of the choice of the best mechanical pencil, this is an innovative mechanical pencil that is perfect for artists. The Uni Kurutoga is fitted with a smart pipe slide system that protects the lead by preventing breakages. Therefore, this pencil is easy to carry around without worrying about damaging it. 


This mechanical pencil feels comfortable in the hand and accompanies a built-in eraser. It features a core rotation mechanism that works with the help of a spring-loaded clutch. This mechanism ensures the constant rotation of the lead. 

Moreover, the lead stays sharp and uniform so your drawings will always look clean and precise. 

What We Like About Uni Kurutoga 

The spring-loaded clutch twists the lead a tiny degree every time you lift the pencil from the paper.

What We Don’t Like About Uni Kurutoga 

The lead is faint; therefore, the drawings would need more darkening. 

        Pros        Cons
Quantum Dot technology
The lead produces a thin, sharp line
Unique design
Bad eraser quality</strong

3. rOtring 600

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Product Highlights

Inspired by Bauhaus aesthetics the rOtring 600 aims for technical precision while drawing and writing. They are designed to write for hours without slipping and accompany a built-in indicator to easily see the hardness of the lead that is loaded in the pencil.


The pencil is equipped with a hexagonal body design to prevent it from rolling. Moreover, a fixed lead guidance sleeve allows you to easily see if you are doing precision work. It also prevents breakage and gives you a clear page view for precise ruler-based drawing. 

Also, there is a brass mechanism for precision lead advancement for fine writing. A noteworthy feature is the lead hardness grade indicator for rapid identification when working. 

What We Like About rOtring 600

The textured grip is very comfortable. 

What We Don’t Like About rOtring 600

The pencil has a fragile sleeve and might get damaged if dropped. 

        Pros        Cons
Quantum Dot technology
Comfortable to hold
Fragile tip</strong

4. Uni Core Keeps Sharp Mechanical Pencil 

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Product Highlights

The Uni Core has a resin polymer body making it a lightweight pencil compared to other mechanical pencils. Besides, the grip on the pencil is made of metal and prevents your fingers from slipping while drawing or writing. The dotted metal surface on the grip provides the extra friction to the user.


The Uni Core features a built-in lead rotation mechanism that rotates around the edge of the tip whenever you pick the pencil off the surface. This mechanism keeps the pencil sharp at all times. 

Besides, the Uni Core employs HB-type lead and has a metal tip with a 0.5 mm lead diameter. The tip is retractable making it easy to carry around undamaged. It also accompanies an eraser attached to the bottom. 

What We Like About Uni Core Keeps Sharp 

The lead rotation mechanism makes sure that the pencil is always sharp.

What We Don’t Like About Uni Core Keeps Sharp 

The leads of Uni Core are unique and hard to find.

        Pros        Cons
Quantum Dot technology
Retractable tip
The leads of Uni Core are hard to find</strong

5. Staedtler Mars 780

Best Mechanical Pencil for Fine Technical Draftsmanship 2021 10

Product Highlights

Staedtler is a company that has been producing quality mechanical pencils for both drawing and writing. The dark shade that the lead produces has made its pencils quite famous both among students and artists. The Mars 780 from Staedler is an easy-to-use mechanical pencil that can produce dark black drawings.


The Mars 780 weighs 18 grams and thus is quite lightweight. Featuring a whole metal body it has a knurled metal finger grip. that provides a comfortable grip to the user. 

Moreover, the 2mm lead tip has a default hardness that is set to HB. You can choose to have different leads as it comes with a special lead holder. The pencil highlights an integrated metal clip that also works as a lead hardness indicator.

What We Like About Staedtler Mars 780

There is a push-button sharpener to keep the tip sharp.

What We Don’t Like About Staedtler Mars 780

It lacks a retractable tip.

        Pros        Cons
Quantum Dot technology
Special lead holder
No retractable tip</strong


We recommend the rOtring 600 as the best mechanical pencil as this has more features compared to other mechanical pencils. This is built for precision drawing and fine writing. Besides, there is a lead hardness grade indicator for rapid identification while working. 

While choosing a mechanical pencil an important point to consider is the thickness of the lead depending on the purpose. There are 4 common sizes of leads for mechanical pencils. 0.3 mm, for detailed drawings or fine writing; 0.5 mm, for writing and drawing; 0.7 mm, most common pencils used for non-detailed work and by students; 0.9 mm, popular for sketching or used on newsprint. The 0.5mm and 0.7mm are both versatile for writing and drawing.

Hope our review of the best mechanical pencils helped you!


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