Best Electric Shaver for Men in 2021

A clean-shaved face never goes out of trend. But shaving equipment like razors, shaving gels, and more are filling up your cabinets when you can get your perfectly trimmed stubble with just one item — an electric shaver. In other words, you don’t need everything under the sun to get the perfect shave. With just an electric shaver, you can get a lot of work done. From body hair grooming to hair trimming, an best electric shaver for men can actually do a lot. 

Even though manual razors with blades seem quite affordable, yet often many men have complained of irritation and cuts. In this context, electric shavers are much better considering that they are skin-friendly and even save time. Built with a powerful motor and a high-end cutting mechanism, these electric shavers are one of the most efficient shavings and grooming equipment for men now. 

Well, electric shavers, nowadays, comes in different shapes and sizes. Not just that! You can also find ones with flexible heads, multiple heads, and self-cleaning points as well. Even there are rotary and foil ones, which gives you the flexibility to trim or shave as per your choice. The rotary shavers come with 2 or more heads that move along the contours of your face or body quite easily. On the other hand, the foil shavers are more suitable for shorter beards and require regular trimming. 

If you’re looking for a suitable electric shaver that gives you the flawless trim finish and smoother stubble, then you must check out our selection of the  best electric shaver for men. These electric shavers are totally worth the money. 

Best Electric Shaver For Men – Reviews and Comparisons

1. Philips Norelco 6880/81 Shaver 

Philips Norelco 6880/81 Shaver 


Best Electric Shaver for Men in 2021 6

Product Highlight

Delivering a comfortable shaving experience, Philips Norelco 6880/81 Shaver also enables you to enjoy advanced skin protection and even shields your skin from irritation.  


Built with ComfortGlide rings all over the shaving heads, Norelco 6880/81 glides through your skin without causing any irritation. This owes to its special protective coating that acts as a shield on your skin. Whether you wet shave or dry, this shaver is suitable for both. Compact and portable, you can carry this shaver anywhere and everywhere. Plus, it works on a battery, so you can even use it outdoors. Just charge it for 5 minutes for one quick shave. And on charging it for one hour, Norelco is good to go for about 17 shaves. This cordless shaver is perfectly suitable for men and even protects 5x times better than manual blades. 

What We Like About Philips Norelco 6880/81 Shaver

 We were impressed by a couple of features — MultiFlex heads, Skin Guard Mode, Click-on Precision Timer, and even the LED display. While the MultiFlex head enables the shaver to glide through the contours of your face, its 72 self-sharpening blades hold on to hair leaving it soft and smooth. Its Click-on Precision Timer helps in maintaining the beard and mustache leaving no room for sideburns and ends up giving you a perfect finish. Besides, you can activate the Skin Guard Mode to adjust the rotational speed for a gentle shave. And lastly, the LED display includes Cleaning Indicator, Battery Low Indicator, Replacement Head Indicator, Travel Lock Indicator, and Unplug for use indicator.

What We Don’t Like About Philips Norelco 6880/81 Shaver

Many users have complained of the battery life of Norelco 6880/81, which seems to have issues. Plus, you can’t shave while it’s on charge. 

        Pros        Cons
MultiFlex heads
Skin Guard Mode
Click-on Precision Timer
ComfortGlide rings
LED display
Battery not good

2. Braun Electric Razor for Men, Series 9 9390

Braun Electric Razor for Men, Series 9 9390Best Electric Shaver for Men in 2021 7

Product Highlight

Braun Series 9 is currently regarded as the world’s most efficient electric shaver, as it comes with 5 synchronized shaving elements for a perfect shaving finish. 


Braun Series 9 comes with some effective features including 5 synchronized shaving elements. These elements include 2 specialized middle trimmers, which can capture all hair for a clean close shave. With Braun Series 9, you can get a flawless shave in just one stroke, whether you use it dry or wet. Lastly, it is quite gentle on your skin and it is all because of the 10,000 sonic vibrations. These sonic vibrations enable the shaver to glide quite easily giving you the gentlest shave ever. 

What We Like About Braun Series 9 9390

The most notable feature of Braun Series 9 is its Clean and Charge Station. This feature allows you to turn your shaver all new every time you shave. The Clean and Charge station will choose a cleaning program automatically and ensure your shaver is cleaned hygienically, lubricated well, dried, and charged up. Apart from this, this shaver is 100% waterproof, so just put it underwater every time you want a wet shave. Lastly, it comes with a high-end Li-ion battery that has 20% more power. 

What We Don’t Like About Braun Series 9 9390

On the downside, some users have reported of not so decent ergonomics of Braun Series 9 when compared to its previous versions. Plus, it’s too expensive. 

        Pros        Cons
5 synchronized shaving elements
10,000 sonic vibrations
Clean and Charge Station
100% waterproof
2 specialized middle trimmers
Ergonomics needs improvement

3. Remington F5-5800 Foil Shaver

Remington F5-5800 Foil Shaver


Best Electric Shaver for Men in 2021 7

Product Highlight

Built with Intercept Shaving Technology, Remington F5-5800 Foil Shaver offers the closest and smoothest shave ever, and of couse it’s one of the best shaver for men. 


 Remington F5-5800 Foil Shaver stands out as one of the most efficient electric shavers. All due to its Intercept Shaving Technology, this gives you the closest shave. Besides, its 3-stage cutting system utilizes the intercept tools for pre-trimming longer hair. Also, you get two flexible foils to use for close shaving. With Remington F5-5800, you get amazing battery life. That means you get 20 days shaving with just one round of charge. Overall, Remington F5-5800 is built with the perfect combination of power and technology for a great shave.
What We Like About Remington F5-5800 Foil Shaver
Remington F5-5800 is built with a few exceptional features like Pivot and Flex Foil Technology, Pop-Up Detail Trimmer, and Corded/Cordless flexibility. While the Pivot and Flex Foil technology enables the shaver head to adjust and keep close contact with your skin, the pop-up trimmer helps in accurate detailing of the mustache and beard. Washable and with an LED battery gauge, this shaver even offers you the flexibility of usage. You can use it both corded as well as cordless. 

What We Don’t Like About Remington F5-5800 Foil Shaver

Despite all its great features, some users of Remington F5-5800 have complained of the flimsy foil used in it. 

        Pros        Cons
Intercept Shaving Technology
Pre-trims longer hair
Pivot and Flex Foil technology
Pop-Up Detail Trimmer
Flimsy foil used

4. Panasonic Arc5 Electric Razor

Panasonic Arc5 Electric Razor

Best Electric Shaver for Men in 2021 9

Product Highlight

With the powerful motor and exceptional blades, that assure a comfortable shave, the Panasonic Arc5 Electric Razor is the ultimate premium electric shaver for men.

Suitable for wet and dry shaving, Panasonic Arc5 Electric Razor comes with 5 precision ultra-sharp blades. These blades are refined to a 300 edge so that they can cut hair without nicks and even uses various foil patterns. It also has a high-performance linear motor with 14,000 cuts per minute. Such a motor powers the 5 blades alongside maintains their speed even when there is a minimum charge. Above all, you can carry it anywhere and everywhere; that means it’s great for travel, as it is equipped with universal voltage, a pouch, and a travel safety lock.
What We Like About Panasonic Arc5

There are a couple of outstanding aspects of Panasonic Arc5 Electric Razor — Lift-Tech Foil System, Active Shave Sensor, Multi-Flex Shave Head, and Precision Pop-up Trimmer. Well, the Lift-Tech Foil System includes 5 ARC foils, which captures and cuts all hair quite closely for a clean shave. Besides, it comes with advanced sensors that detect the beard density and accelerates the speed where hair is denser. We were also impressed by its Multi-Flex shave head that glides smoothly along the contours of the face/body. Even the Precision Pop-up Trimmer ensures proper detailing of the beard and mustache.
What We Don’t Like About Panasonic Arc5

Although this shaver is quite good, there are some issues with the cleaning station, which is reported by many. Also, it is quite expensive compared to other shavers. 

        Pros        Cons
5 precision ultra-sharp blades
High-performance linear motor
Lift-Tech Foil System
Active Shave Sensor
Issues with cleaning station

5. MANGROOMER – Lithium Max Plus+ Body GroomerMANGROOMER - Lithium Max Plus+ Body Groomer


Best Electric Shaver for Men in 2021 10

Product Highlight

The latest MANGROOMER Lithium Max Plus+ Body Groomer is a combination of 2 shavers that leaves you with the ultimate trimming and grooming experience. Features If you’re looking for a full-body grooming kit, then MANGROOMER Lithium Max Plus+ Body Groomer is the one. With a Shock Absorber Multi-Flex Shaver Head, this electric shaver smoothly goes through the contours of your body. Wherever you want to trim or shave, MANGROOMER can do it. Well, for this electric shaver size doesn’t matter, as you can trim and cut both long and short hair. You can even use it to shave pubic areas. It comes with a Li-ion battery and has a charge light indicator. Plus, it’s shower safe and is 100% waterproof.
What We Like About MANGROOMER Lithium Max Plus 

The most impeccable trait of this electric shaver is its 8 Length Setting Trimmer. That means there are 8different lengths in which you can cut/trim your hair. For instance, the lowest setting number 1 trims hair close to 1/16th of an inch. Besides, this electric shaver comes with an extra replacement foil. So, you can change the foil whenever it’s required and you have the replacement with the package only.
What We Don’t Like About MANGROOMER Lithium Max Plus 

The major shortcoming of MANGROOMER Lithium Max Plus is its battery life, which needs improvement. Also, some users have reported that this shaver stops working after a couple of uses. 

        Pros        Cons
Combination of 2 shavers
Shock Absorber Multi-Flex Shaver Head
Perfect for all parts of the body
8 Length Setting Trimmer
Needs improvement in battery
Stopped working after a couple of uses


Well, these 5  best electric shaver for men are the top-in-the-line products on the market today. However, if we had to pick one, then Philips Norelco 6880/81 is the best electric shaver for men according to us. Built with ComfortGlide rings on the shaving heads, Norelco 6880/81 delivers a comfortable shaving experience while it shields your skin from irritation, nicks, and cuts. Besides, you can also pick other shavers if it meets your expectations.


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