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Google Chrome Extensions are basically browser extensions that alter the Google Chrome browser. These extensions are based on some written web technologies such as HTML, JavaScript and CSS. These extensions can be downloaded with the help of Chrome Web Store. All users having Google Account are capable to add these extensions after developing them. Following with more information you may be interested in the best Google Chrome extensions.

It has seen that whether you are a new blogger or well experienced, you have to take certain steps to check lot of things.

Keeping this thing in mind, I am going to present a list of 10 Best Chrome Extensions 2017. This list is very useful for many important processes like checking SEO metrics, Link Building and checking different Ranks etc.

Let’s start our proceedings.

1. Alexa Traffic Rank:   Download

Alexa Traffic Rank - Best Google Chrome Extensions 2016


In simple words, Alexa Traffic Rank is a measure of a site’s prominence, contrasted and the majority of alternate destinations on the web, checking both the quantity of guests and the quantity of pages saw on every visit.

Alexa gathers movement information once a day from a large number of clients who have introduced the Alexa toolbar, different sources, and after that uses a complex numerical recipe on three months of information to touch base at the positioning for every site.

This can be translated as the site’s position in a gigantic association table in light of both guest numbers and the quantity of pages saw by every guest. The ‘most well-known’ webpage is given a rank of 1, the second ‘most famous’ a rank of 2, and so on.

2.  Meta SEO Inspector:   Download

Meta SEO Inspector

It is an extension which gives you an outline about the Meta data covered up in a site page like Meta label, Nofollow information, different Scripts, Microformats and Canonical traits and so forth. In the event that your Meta information isn’t as per the Google rules, a notice will be created.

In any case, one issue is that it is fundamentally focused for web engineers who need to check whether Meta data on their website is likewise to Google Guidelines or not. Its outline additionally requests a ton of change in it.

3.  Google Webspam Report:  Download

Google Webspam Report - Best Google Chrome Extensions 2016


As Google is persistently endeavoring to enhance its algorithm, it is additionally reassuring us to report spam URL. The Google Webspam Report extension permits you to report spammy site pages which positions high in the google indexed lists yet contains sketchy substance. Also, truth be told, any web page that seems, by all accounts, to be spammy can now be reported easily.

According to Google Webmaster, you can report a spam page if it has one of the accompanying “issues”

  • Hidden content or links
  • Misleading or reused words
  • Page doesn’t match Google’s illustration
  • Cloaked page
  • Deceptive sidetracks
  • Doorway pages
  • Duplicate site or pages
  • Paid connections

In the event that you utilize Google Chrome, you will see another “Report Spam” link on each query item posting after you introduce the Google Webspam Report extension. It will likewise permit you to report any website page.

Black hat and dodgy webmasters beware!

4.  Web Scraper:   Download

Web Scraper


The main aim of Web Scraper is to take Data (generally URLs), from Web pages. By utilizing this tool, you can examine a specific Web page (or your rival’s webpage) to check what number of links are coming in and going out and from where they are coming. It can truly help you in figuring out if a specific site utilizing a spammy-links or not.

In this extension, at first you make an arrangement about how are you going to cross a site and what kind of data you need to remove from that site (like URLs and so forth). Each of the information will be separated and spared in an excel sheet of .CSV expansion.

It has one more interesting trait that it can likewise extract data from Dynamic (pages, which use AJAX and/or JavaScript to stack).

5.  SEOquake: Download

Seo Quake - Best Google Chrome Extensions 2016


SEOquake is an extremely helpful SEO-tool that is fundamentally utilized for checking diverse measurements of a specific site. These measurements principally incorporate Google PageRank, Alexa Rank and other SEO properties like Nofollow link, Whois join, SEMrush (a keyword analyzer) Rank, Webarchive age and so on.

You can utilize this extension to decide a Keyword Competition from a specific keyword. It will list SEO measurements of all the ranking pages. From which you can decide how hard it is for you to be on top of Google Ranking for that specific Keyword.

To put it plainly, in case you’re new in SEO you should utilize this to discover your feet in this tremendously growing niche

6.  User Agent Switcher: Download

User Agent Switcher


It is a question in the mind of every blogger that how our website looks in some random mobile browsers? The answer is very simple. You should give this extension a good try. With the help of this extension, you can switch between user agents, Spoof URLs that you need to and do an SEO mobile audit.

By this way, you can make sure that your site looks and works fine on both Desktop and Mobile browsers.

7.  Mozbar:   Download

Mozbar - Best Google Chrome Extensions 2016


MozBar is an SEO extension created by SEOmoz. You can examine distinctive on-page SEO variables and how hard is to get top position for a specific Keyword. If you go deep further, you can assess every page, that is on top rankings, one-by-one. You can also check other things like Backlinks, Validity of links, Schema.org validity of Markups for a specific age.

With MozBar, you may have Custom Searches in light of a specific nation and city. What’s more, you can likewise check social shares of a page like Facebook Likes, Tweets from Twitter and Google in addition to’s +1s and so forth. You can also have some investigation of SERPs (Search Engine Result Page).

8.  Majestic Backlink Analyzer:  Download

Majestic Backlink Analyzer


This is also another important Chrome extension. Backlink Analyzer indicates your quality of a web page by ascertaining the greater part of its Backlinks. One recognizable thing in this extension is that rather depending on a specific Third Party hotspot for ascertaining backlinks, it computes every one of them at RunTime. Other than this, this extension additionally indicates Citation Flow and Trusted Flow score of a site page right on its URL bar.

It also gives data about different things, for example, Link check, Sub domains, Root level and Two Flow measurements score, that I recorded in past passage.

9.  Goo.gl URL Shortener:  Download

Goo.Gl URL Shortener - Best Google Chrome Extensions 2016


Short URLs are extremely essential, when you are utilizing them as a part of Tweeting. Tweets, thus, can support your Social Metrics and in Long Terms, likely your site rankings. Keeping that psyche, you ought to pick a solid, reliable and fast URL shortener, as you may know, all of URL shorteners are not equivalent.

goo.gl URL Shortener is a decent URL Shortener that uses Google’s URL-shortening service known as goo.gl. It’s really easy to utilize, when you need to have a shortened URL of a specific page, when snap on this extension (you can likewise make it a shortcut), shortened URL will be duplicated to your clipboard. What’s more, that is it, you’re finished friends.

10.  Open SEO Stats:  Download

Open SEO Stats


This Chrome extension is also very essential and much needed one. Formerly, it is also known as PageRank Status. With this extension, you can gage nature of a specific website page. Merits for checking nature of a website page are Quantcast Rank, Compete Rank, the more celebrated PageRank and Alexa Rank and so on.

Furthermore of the above properties, this extension can likewise give other data, for example, Indexed pages, Backlinks, Whois join, Cached pages, Social Signals and substantially more.

Regularly touted as the top SEO extension for Chrome, it additionally gives you data like Domain data, for example, DNS query and WHOIS query, likewise Geo area data, for example, IP location, city and nation. For Site security, it utilizes McAfee SiteAdvisor, Norton Safe Web and WOT.

Final Verdict From Author

So, it was all about Best Google Chrome Extensions 2017. As we know that Google Chrome is the most-used Web browser worldwide, according to Stat Counter. Its extensions have many benefits as mentioned above, but ONE thing will have to keep in mind that these extensions can slow down your browser at times, so you have to be very specific with these extensions and use those which are very important and useful.


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