Logitech G903 Lightspeed: The Most Expensive Gaming Mouse 2021

Logitech G903 LightspeedLogitech G903 Lightspeed

In this analysis, you are about to see some of the best specs for Logitech G903 Lightspeed- a wireless mouse, not just for materials used, but also for the time it can be used free of cable, and with what can be achieved with this ambidextrous top-tier product. There have 

been some good Logitech products in the past but there has never been a mouse, wired or wireless, with so much consideration and creativity coming together to give the consumer a user-friendly interface while being as hassle-free as imaginable.

What’s in the Box?

The external package includes a cardboard sleeve that fits around a much thicker box beneath it and is used to offer the customer ample knowledge about the product. With the vivid blue Logitech G903 on the left and the picture of the mouse on the right, it’s not difficult to see what’s inside the case. From the information present on the top of the box, we come to know that this is a Lightspeed wireless mouse and that it is compatible with Powerplay. On another side of the box, along with the vertical picture of the Logitech G903 and its full name below, there are three features mentioned on the right. The first is the Lightspeed 2.4GHz wireless technology used, which is said to be smarter than some wired connections. Logitech continues to include the PWM3366 sensor along with the ambidextrous style, the availability of the controls, the scrolling, and the RGB light feature.

What are its Features?

In the context of physical characteristics, the mouse has a height of 130.3 mm and a width of 66.5 mm, and a depth of 40.4 mm. The weight of the mouse is 110 grams, but this does not include items such as charging puck, wire, or other products that can be mounted on the unit. The optional weight which consists of a metal jack of 10 grams, can be added at the bottom of the Logitech G903.

There’s a cable at the bottom which has a length of 1.8 meters and is wrapped in woven fabric. Since the mouse is wireless, the cable can be detached.

The G903 is ambidextrous, and it’s perfect for virtually every form of grip and almost every hand size. Those who choose to use an arched fingertip grip with a smaller hand are the only individuals who can fight. If that’s you, this mouse’s extra width means the side buttons can be difficult to hit occasionally.

The Logitech mouse has main buttons that tie down to dramatic, twisted parts that look a bit like hair clippers, and the back has plastic slashes that go all the way round to the side panels. There are wide, eye-catching gaps between the key buttons and the underlying body, and a raised back section accented with a glossy finish. The Logitech G903 Lightspeed mouse just has RGB LEDs in the logo, and with less wild angles and sleeker lines, it looks more humble. Logitech loads this model with a few RGB LED zones: a large logo on the back of the device is illuminated alongside a cluster of three battery level indicators that can be personalized.

Does it Come With Accessories?

The G903 is wireless, and it has an equally small USB receiver. A neat range extender accessory is also included. The wireless hardware and the spare side buttons are packaged by Logitech and protected in a neat case that is included with this mouse. A USB cable with an extra clamp is also included by Logitech to secure it to the mouse, which is convenient for gaming when charging.

What About its Performance?

As far as performance is concerned, the G903 outperforms its rivals for a few reasons. The first is the use of the PMW3366 optical sensor. This is not a special aspect, but the sensor is one of the best of the lot and ensures that the G903 has a great 200-12,000DPI sensitivity range.

Second, and most specifically, the G903 uses Logitech’s stellar Lightspeed wireless networking. Lightspeed is a custom technology built to send players a superfast 1ms response time. By plugging the 2.4GHz Lightspeed dongle into the spare USB 3.0 slot, the mouse can be immediately paired. Logitech offers a truly latency-free gaming experience and is totally free of glitches.

Speaking of the software, it is simple and easy to use, enabling you to switch between all your Logitech connected devices easily. It also provides a good selection of under-the-hood options, including heat maps and readings of battery performance. 

The on-board memory of the mouse is capable of storing up to five preset profiles, which can keep up to five different DPI settings apart from their own set of macros. These settings can be easily cycled with the two navigation buttons placed below the mouse wheel. Logitech’s app gives you the option to calibrate the mouse for your desired mouse pad surface to ensure optimum sensor precision. The program is convenient and easy to use, enabling you to easily move between any of your connected Logitech products. It also includes a good assortment of under-the-hood features, including heat maps and battery quality readouts. The macro assignment is an easy method to show everything you wish to map and access a set of drop-down menus. 

What is Powerplay All About?

The Powerplay mat has a simplistic design that is indistinguishable from a standard mousepad, with a small receiver at the top acting as a hub for the Powerplay system being the only exception. It acts as a seamless connexion, providing power and wireless connectivity between your PC and mouse. 

The Powerplay pad is basically a large flat antenna that continually emits an alternating electric current that is picked up by the receiver at the base of the mouse and converted into a direct current to the battery. The final outcome is a smooth, continuous wireless charging that occurs even while you’re using the device. The mat comes packed with swappable textures, so you can move between gentle, porous material or sturdy, sleek plastic. You could use your own mouse pad on the top of the mat, too. Virtually every mouse pad is compliant with the Powerplay mat, as long as it is not made of metal and can lay on top of the 11-by-13-inch mat. 

However, Logitech only ensures that the pad is charged only on the surfaces that come with the mat and warns against the use of the pad on any conductive surface as this might conflict with the charging process. If the mouse leaves the boundaries of the Powerplay sheet, it moves smoothly to its huge internal battery, which can handle up to 24 hours of constant use.

Why is it Expensive? 

Prestigious gaming devices do come at a prime price, but the Logitech G903 Lightspeed price tag seems appropriate compared to the hardware involved. The mouse retails for less than $150, but having the best out of the device might get a little expensive. If players choose to use a Powerplay mouse pad, this attaches another $100 to the amount. But once the gamers start using this mouse pad, it’s impossible to go back to something else. If gamers invest in the device, they’re going to get an item that not only lasts but also looks like a proper gaming mouse. The simplicity of use, battery life, configuration, and excellent accuracy make the Logitech G903 Lightspeed difficult to overshadow.

Why Did We Like it?

Our Logitech G903 Lightspeed analysis reveals that this mouse is outstanding. It’s got a lot of impressive features, bold style, fantastic and durable construction, flexible, ambidextrous structure, and plenty of keys.

Its wireless operation is fantastic, the main buttons are easy to respond to, and the software is fine. And, though 12,000 DPI and 16,000 DPI choices are available, we suggest you choose a more reliable version – the newer model is always cheaper, and even if you don’t need a 16,000 DPI mouse, it’s often safer to have a newer sensor.

What Can Be Improved?

The only field where Logitech software is left behind its rivals is the shortage of RGB options.

It is unfortunate, however, that there is nowhere to store the wireless module on the mouse itself, which would have facilitated transport, and it is something that Razer provides. A lack of RGB options is a place where Logitech’s platform falls short of its competitors. There are only options available for the color cycle and breathing effects, which are pale compared to the Razer Mamba or Steelseries Rival 700, each of which has many lighting effects.

We hope our detailed article helped you figure out if Logitech’s masterpiece G903 Lightspeed is perfect to please the gamers in you or not. In conclusion, if you have a good budget, then this mouse is an amazing piece of gaming gear to own. 


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