Best Silent Mouse – Reviews and Comparisons 2021

Understanding the distinction between a clicky/noisy mouse and a silent one can be tricky at times. However, gamers catch this quite well, as a clicky mouse often gets louder when used aggressively, especially during intense gaming. So, the requirement of a best silent mouse is definitely more for gamers but regular users can also go for it. These mice are built with some exceptional features suitable for gaming without producing too many click sounds. 

Whether you opt for a wired or wireless one, a noiseless mouse at times acts as a boon for many users considering its echo chamber or touch sensitivity or rather switches. Moreover, using a silent mouse means no more scrolling or gliding sounds that often annoy your co-workers and you as well. So it’s better to opt for a silent mouse and enjoy a noise-free and intense gaming session. But if you’re confused about the model, then we’ve got an expert guide ready for you. 

Here’s a list of the best silent mouse, which are the top-notch models in the current tech-market. After in-depth research, trial and testing, we have curated this list so that you can choose the right product and rock your competitive gaming sessions. 

Best Silent Mouse – Our Reviews and Comparisons:

1. VicTsing Wireless Gaming Mouse

Best Silent Mouse

Product Highlights

Reliable and ease-to-use, the VicTsing Wireless Gaming Mouse is built to deliver fast data transmission without any delay. Just perfect for those, who would want to come out victorious in intensive gaming sessions. 


Built with 2.4G wireless technology, this silent mouse offers a stable connection and ensures precise tracking. Moreover, its wireless connectivity goes up to 30 feet/10 meters while eliminating delays, dropouts, and any kind of interference. Hence, this mouse is an excellent option for both gamers and regular office professionals. 

With a sleek and straightforward all-black design, the VicTsing Wireless Gaming Mouse has a solid built and is quite similar to the mouse Razer Basilisk V2. Lightweight, portable, with a great grip and comfort, this mouse stands out among several of its contemporary models due to these features. But, the most impressive of all is the noise-free trait. 

What We Like About VicTsing Wireless Gaming Mouse

Well, the VicTsing Mouse comes with 5 adjustable DPI values (800, 1200, 1600, 2000, 2400), which is due to the high-precision sensor. Due to this, you get pinpoint accuracy, extreme responsiveness, and precise tracking, which in turn enhance your work efficiency to a great extent.

Another notable part of this mouse is its noise-free trait. This implies that this mouse makes 50% less noise compared to other regular gaming as well as wireless mice. Above all, we liked the advanced energy-saving chip, which is embedded inside this noiseless device. Basically, it enters an auto-sleep mode when not used for more than 8 minutes to save energy. Plus, it also has a low power indicator, so you would know when the device needs to be charged. 

What We Don’t Like About VicTsing Wireless Gaming Mouse

Even though the build of VicTsing Wireless Gaming Mouse is solid, the elements used are cheap, and are buttons are slightly wobbly. Also, its gaming performance is not high-end as a best silent mouse, it is ideal for regular office usage and normal gaming only. 

        Pros        Cons
Lightweight, portable, with a great grip
Noiseless and advanced energy-saving chip
5 adjustable DPI values
Wobbly buttons
Not perfect for intense gaming

2. Razer Lancehead Tournament Edition

Best Silent Mouse – Reviews and Comparisons 2021 1

Product Highlights

Razer stands tall when it comes to gadgets related to gaming. One such is its recent model Lancehead Tournament Edition, which has all the hallmark features of a gaming mouse. 


This flat and ambidextrous model from Razer is crafted with numerous features and is totally ideal for gaming. It is medium-sized and suitable for both right and left-handers. Moreover, it is equipped with an esports-grade optical sensor, which includes 16000 DPI and true tracking at 450 inches per second. This implies that it has the fastest sensor compared to other models. 

Furthermore, the mouse allows you to go wireless with a 2.4GHz wireless receiver/dongle that you need to insert into the PC’s USB port. Other features include a comfortable design to have a better grip, noiseless clicks, and Chroma lights, which builds your gaming mood quite well. Hence, according to many pro-gamers, this silent gaming mouse has all killer features. 

What We Like About Razer Lancehead Tournament Edition

The most outstanding aspect of this model is the resolution accuracy of its optical sensor. With adjustable 16000 DPI, the resolution accuracy stands at 99.4%, which is more than other latest models. It also implies that you get a faster response rate, minimum noise, and 50 million clicks durability. These features are also credited to its Razer Omron Switches. 

Well, we also liked the Razer Synapse Software that allows customization of up to 4 gaming profiles as well as enables cloud storage.  Overall, this tournament special edition is one of the best silent mouse that you can buy today. 

What We Don’t Like About Razer Lancehead Tournament Edition

Razer Lancehead Tournament Edition comes with an expensive price tag as the best silent mouse. Besides, its rubber side grip, side buttons, and shape need some improvement.  

        Pros        Cons
Ambidextrous mouse
Impeccable optical sensor
Suitable for intense gaming
Rubber sides lack grip

3. Logitech M330 Silent Plus Wireless Mouse

Best Silent Mouse – Reviews and Comparisons 2021 2

Product Highlight 

With the same click feel and more than 90% noise reduction compared to classic mice, Logitech M330 promises a noise-free experience for you and those around you.


Built with Silent Touch Technology, M330 Silent Plus is an ideal mouse for gaming as well as regular use. It can reduce the click and other sounds by 90% without any changes in the click. Also, you experience silent scrolling and gliding, which is due to the plastic lumber material that is used as the gliding feet. Additionally, the material used makes it quiet and more durable too. 

Moreover, it’s designed to offer comfort through the contoured grips on the sides, which are made of soft rubber. Also, you can enjoy a strong wireless connection (up to 33 ft/10 m) with a potent, reliable USB 2.4 GHz receiver. Just plug the nano receiver into your USB port and the M330 will perhaps work instantly. 

What We Like About Logitech M330 Silent Plus Wireless Mouse

Well, we found an extremely impressive feature, which is the Quiet Mark Seal. This means that the Quiet Mark Seal is responsible for reducing the noise by 90%. Apart from this, M330 is a 3-button mouse with 3 levels of DPI, which means it has a great response rate. Lastly, this silent mouse also has an auto-sleep feature to save energy, and what’s interesting is its incredible battery life of 24 months. Besides, Logitech Software allows you to control the mouse’s battery life as well. Undoubtedly, we believe it might be the perfect cure for noisy mice! 

What We Don’t Like About Logitech M330 Silent Plus Wireless Mouse

One major improvement that Logitech M330 Silent Plus requires is a few more additional features like an adjustable DPI and proper lighting for gamers. Besides, as one of the choice of the best silent mouse, it is quite pricey too. 

        Pros        Cons
Includes Silent Touch Technology
90% less noise
Includes Quiet Mark Seal
Auto-Sleep mode
No additional features

4. MOJO Pro Performance Silent Gaming Mouse

Best Silent Mouse – Reviews and Comparisons 2021 3

Product Highlight 

Combining one of the best mouse sensors and an ergonomic hand-sculpted design, MOJO Pro Performance Silent Gaming Mouse is an excellent and customizable product. 


From programmable buttons to an excellent sensitivity, Mojo Pro Performance Silent Mouse is great for gaming and includes features accordingly. Its impressive specs include 12000 DPI and 1000 Hz alongside its amazing response rate and sensitivity. A completely silent mouse with no delays and lags, this mouse would make an excellent choice for competitive gaming.  

What We Like About MOJO Pro Performance Silent Gaming Mouse

The notable aspect of this mouse is its all-in-one trait. Designed to support not just FPS/MMO, but all types of games, the Mojo Pro Performance Silent Gaming Mouse is even suitable for regular work. Besides, it is best known for its advanced gaming sensor PMW3336; not to mention, its DPI value is because of this flawless sensor. 

Besides, this silent mouse is fully customizable, which means that you can download Mojo’s Software to customize buttons, adjust DPI, control LED screens, set up macros, gamer’s profile, and much more. Hence, it’s needless to say, Mojo Pro Performance Silent Gaming Mouse delivers flawless results even after rough and competitive gaming.  

What We Don’t Like About MOJO Pro Performance Silent Gaming Mouse

On the downside, the Mojo Pro Performance Silent Mouse is quite expensive compared to other similar options of the best silent mouse on the market. Besides, it’s a wired mouse and at this price, you would have better options in wireless mice. 

        Pros        Cons
Specs include 12000 DPI and 1000 H
Fully customizable
Ergonomic hand-sculpted design
Flawless and advanced sensors
Not wireless

5. Iron Man Mouse

Best Silent Mouse – Reviews and Comparisons 2021 4

Product Highlight 

For all passionate gamers and Marvel fans, this Iron Man Silent mouse is the perfect option for gaming, as it’s coupled with comfort and a fast response rate to deliver a noiseless performance.  


Beginning with the design of the Iron Man Mouse, we would want to highlight its uniqueness. With a red scroller wheel and two red lights below the right and left cursor resembling eyes, this silent mouse won’t disappoint you in performance. Moreover, its sharp lines and ergonomic shape make it distinctive among its competitors. 

Plus, its mute design embedded with advanced sensors ensures faster response and silent clicks. So, no more annoying clicking sounds would bother you during your gaming sessions. Further, with the advanced 2.4G wireless technology, this mouse promises a reliable connection of up to 33 feet and has a USB nano receiver at the back. Being super easy to set up, all you have to do is take out the USB receiver and plug in your PC and you’re set to go. 

What We Like About Iron Man Mouse

Of all the features in the Iron Man Mouse, we were quite impressed by its construct, which is a full metal skin. This metal skin makes the mouse hardwearing and extremely robust so it can withstand regular as well as lengthy gaming sessions.

Besides, Iron Man Mouse has an incredible optical gaming engine, which makes it responsive and sensitive resulting in faster click response. Plus, its power-saving mode puts the mouse to sleep in case it’s inactive for a couple of minutes. Also, the buttons and design provide you comfort and a good grip, not to mention, you can customize the red lights. 

What We Don’t Like About Iron Man Mouse

Iron Man Mouse has a major pitfall, which can be a deal-breaker for many users. Out of all these best silent mouse options, this mouse isn’t as sensitive as other similar models and it can impact competitive gaming sessions to a great extent. 

        Pros        Cons
Eye-catchy design
Has an incredible optical gaming engine
Lacks stronger mouse sensitivity >


Out of all these exceptional models, if we had to pick one, then we would go for the VicTsing Wireless Gaming Mouse. According to us, it is the best silent mouse that’s available today. Built with some incredible features to support noiseless yet rigorous gaming, this mouse turns out as a high-performing device offering good value for money. 

But if you aren’t sure about this model, you can check with other silent mouse models and see if they suit your needs and requirements.  

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