What are the Best Keycaps for Hardcore Gaming and Rapid Typing

Are you an avid gamer or typist, who wants their keyboard to look alluring and customized? Well, for everyone who prefers customizing his or her keyboards needs a keycap. With a keycap, your old mechanical keyboard not only gets a new look but also increases the durability of the keyboard. It can surely change your $50 keyboard to a $150 one. And needless to say, the comfort and efficiency in typing with a keycap is incredible. 

Now, if you’re wondering what is the best keycap, then here we’ve curated a list of the same to help you. As we know, the market will offer you several options, but choosing one can be a little baffling. So, this list of the 5 best keycaps will surely help you to choose the most suitable one.

1.HyperX Pudding KeycapsHyperX Pudding Keycaps

If you love RGB lighting and want it on your keyboard, then the right keycap would be HyperX Pudding. Moreover, this keycap is built in the dual-layer style, and with the HyperX font, the keyboard can reflect more light. This design enhances its complete look and gives a brilliant effect. 

Unlike the ABS material that is used in most mechanical keys, HyperX Pudding Keycaps are made of double-shot PBT, a highly durable substance, which makes it last longer. It also enhances the overall typing experience. 

Out of all its features, the most sought-after one is its compatibility with all HyperX and most of the mechanical gaming keyboards. We also like that it comes with a keycap removal tool, which is precisely designed for HyperX keycaps. Overall, HyperX Pudding Keycaps come as a complete 104 keys set with a great design and performance and is totally worth a purchase. 

        Pros        Cons
Dual-layer style
Includes Keycaps Removal tool
Double-shot PBT
Compatibility with all HyperX keyboards
Includes no extra keys
Has generic typeface
Can’t fit ISO layouts

2. Drop Massdrop x MiTo SA Pulse TKL Keycap Set

Drop Massdrop x MiTo SA Pulse TKL Keycap Set 

Designed in collaboration with MiTo in 2004, the Pulse TKL Keycap set is one of the best on the markets in terms of design. It has a combination of deep black alphas with bright turquoise modifiers, which gives it an electric look. 

Further, it is a 90-92 key set with a TKL layout and even compatible with Cherry MX switches and clones. Moreover, this kit has sufficient keycaps for a standard tenkeyless keyboard and you also get to choose the caps of the color you want. 

Apart from these features, we like that the keycaps are created in the SA profile, which is quite tall and arched to give a satiating feel with each keypress.  Moreover, the keys are durable, as they are made of Doubleshot ABS plastic. Keeping aside the design, the font on the keycaps is quite easy to read, as they are over-sized letters. Even the function keys are in a bold capitalized font, which looks quite distinct on the board. In Canvas and Godspeed XDA sets, the font used is exclusive Micons iconography, which makes it readable and even gives a classy look. On the whole, Pulse TKL is one of the best gaming keycaps available on the market today. 

        Pros        Cons
Compatible with Cherry MX switches
Has sufficient keycaps for tenkeyless keyboard
Made of Doubleshot ABS plastic
Created in SA profile
Packaging isn’t good enough

3. MiTo XDA Canvas Keycap

MiTo XDA Canvas Keycap

Developed by the collaboration of renowned Drop + MiTo, XDA Canvas Keycap makes a comeback on the popular demand of gamers. It is back in different sets of 64, 79, 94, and 114 keys. Plus, these keys are designed in a minimalistic way yet display a powerful aesthetic. Inspired by Dieter Rams, the keys also portray a great blend of subtle tones and neutral grays.  

Moreover, the keys have a softer taper from top to bottom, which provides a different feel when you type. Besides, you can observe that there isn’t any arch between the rows and it is because the keys aren’t sculpted. 

Additionally, the XDA Canvas Keycap is compatible with Cherry MX switches and clones, which also includes Kaihua, Gateron, and Halo. If other keyboards have a similar layout, XDA Canvas Keycap is even compatible with that also. 

Lastly, this keycap kit owes its quality to the dye-sublimated PBT plastic, which also makes it durable. 

        Pros        Cons
Includes sets of 64, 79, 94, and 114 keys
Minimalistic and aesthetic design
Have a softer taper
Ultra-durable dye-sublimated PBT plastic
Compatible with Cherry MX switches
Have limited color options
Not a Shine-through


4. Corsair Gaming PBT Double-Shot Keycaps

Corsair Gaming PBT Double-Shot Keycaps


With the Gaming PBT Double-Shot Keycaps, Corsair raises its performance in keyboards. Regarded as one of the best gaming keycaps, PBT Double-Shot can perfectly fit a Corsair keyboard, which will definitely last long. Moreover, this set comes with full 105 pieces that can fully change the whole outlook of your keyboard. 

The keys are completely white and allow the RGB light to shine through it. This also makes it look quite appealing. However, what makes the keycaps durable and perform better is the way it is made – a 2shot mold process. Even the font on the key doesn’t fade away as it is made from durable and shine resistant PBT along with double-thick walls. So, you can be assured that the keycaps are surely going to last. 

Besides, the keycaps are backlight enabled, which allows you to use your keyboard without sacrificing the backlighting. Additionally, the keycap walls are two times thicker than the standard keys and this provides more stability with every keypress. Considering all its features, Corsair PBT Double-Shot Keycaps makes a reliable set to purchase especially for enthusiastic gamers. 

        Pros        Cons
Includes 105 pieces
2- shot mold process
Enabled backlight
PBT keycaps shine resistant
White color doesn’t suit the black keyboard
Quite Expensive


5. YMDK Carbon Keycaps

YMDK Carbon Keycaps


If you want to give your Cherry MX keyboard a more stylish and retro aesthetic look, then the ideal option for you is YMDK Carbon Keycaps. YMDK is a set of PBT keycaps, which delivers exceptional performance. Breaking down its features, YMDK Carbon Keycaps has a sharp and extra-large typeface. Even though the keycap doesn’t support LED shine through, the large top print on the keys makes it readable at night as well. 

Further, the keys are quite thick, similar to double-shot keycaps and come in the blank format. The blank format is specifically for users who want to stretch their keyboard competence to a great extent. Besides, the YMDK Carbon Keycaps set comes in 61, 87, and 104 packages, and all of them fairly suitable for a regular ANSI keyboard layout.  

Overall, this keycap set performs quite well but several features need improvement and some additional features are required. But if you want a budget-friendly keycap, which looks stylish, then YMDK Carbon is good enough. 

        Pros        Cons
Stylish and retro aesthetic look
PBT built
Sharp and extra-large typeface
Compatible with ANSI keyboard layout
Print on keycaps won’t last longer
Doesn’t support LED shine-through
Not suitable for ISO layout

With this compilation, we are sure you got some clarity on the best keycaps. However, it is also important to consider a few points before you proceed to buy the keycaps. 

      • Compatibility– When buying a keycap, you must check its compatibility with the type of keyboard you use. Typically, the keycaps are mostly designed to fit Cherry MX keyboards and only a handful is compatible with other mechanical keyboards. So, the compatibility with keyboards is definitely worth checking. 
      •  Keycap Material– Another significant element to consider is the keycap material. Usually, the keycaps are made of superior quality ABS or PBT plastic.  Some of them even use rubber, and a few infuses zinc alloy to prevent the print from fading. So, before you buy one, check with the material you prefer.  And also whether it is suitable for the keyboard and will last long or not. 
      • Complete Set or Few Keys– You must know that some brands don’t sell keycaps for the complete set of keys, rather they just make it for a few specific keys. These are known as custom keycaps, which are specially made for character keys. On the other hand, there are some brands, which make the complete set of caps to give the mechanical keyboard a completely new design and look. 
      • Font and Color– Of all the points to consider, the font and color of the keycaps depend on a user’s choice. But in case you’re using a custom keycap, then the font does matter. However, most custom keycaps have similar font as the keyboard, just a few use a larger size to make it easily readable. 

Apart from the font, the color of the keycap can definitely enhance the entire look. Also, some of them even include backlighting that suits well with the RGB lighting keyboards. And this one is primarily preferred by gamers. 

After our thorough analysis of what is the best keycap, we suggest HyperX Pudding as the top-notch keycap available on the market. Built with some incredible features, this set of keycaps performs quite well and is even durable. Even though its price tag is a bit higher than other keycaps, it is capable of delivering excellent gaming as well as typing experience. 

However, you can also choose other listed keycaps if there are in accordance with your priorities and requirements. 


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