Best Gaming Headsets Under $50 2017 (July)

I expect agreement from your side when I say:

“Gaming is a passion; an addict can risk his life for”.

But, what if an addict is short on budget? Well 50 dollars, you can’t build White House with this meager amount of money of course, but you can surely get your hands on a quality gaming headphone. Just stick to this post till the end and examine the compiled list of our experts and specialists about the best gaming headsets under $50 2017. You’ll certainly find a gadget of your choice.

Best Gaming Headsets Under $50 2017 – Buying Guide

What is a Headset?

A Headset is a gadget used for listening audio from a computer, mobile or tablet. It is worn over the head with both ears covered by the speakers and cushioning material so that the voice does not leak from the instrument. A microphone sometimes also attached with this gadget, which shows that the headset has recording capability too.

Gaming Headset:

Gaming Headset is an advanced headphone with sophisticated features of sound quality conservancy and neutralization of external interference. As you’re all aware, modern games are visualization intensive, and their full and convincing experience needs all the accessories, at their best. Manufacturing such kinda devices is a part of the chain for maintaining supremeness in the playing of high-end games.

Main Characteristics:

You can’t find the best PC headsets under 50, unless you are all ears on this discussion. Take a look at the general features of gaming headsets first, to have an idea of how this device functions. Let’s peek into the specifications now.

Louder Echo:

The first and the foremost aspect in which gaming headphones beat the ordinary gadgets is the loud acoustics. A gaming device provides far more fine quality sound than other devices.

Multi-directional sound generation:

Do you know, what’s the most crucial aspect in which gaming headphones carry distinction? It’s the sound direction. In general earbuds, you can only feel the sound right into the ear, from the speaker in a linear direction. However, earphones for gaming provide sound from multiple directions into the ear, ensuring more clear, fine and loud echo. Almost all the best gaming headsets under $50 have this feature integrated into them.

Noise Removal:

Are you aware about the enticing feature of external noise removal in the gaming headsets? You’re still living in the Dark Age if you’re not. This is such a popular specification of the gaming audio gadgets nowadays. All the sounds of the outside world separate from the audio played using this technology, thereby providing more refined and pure audio.

Wired and Wireless Operation:

Do you hate wires, buddies? Well, you still may not want to avoid the wired earphones. Reason is straightforward. Even a millisecond lag in the audio while playing a computer game can distract you, creating trouble. On the other hand, audio-lagging is simply not possible in the wired gadgets given that the wire quality is good. The best PC headsets under 50 has strong chances of being a wired device, providing two leverages at the same time; economy and sound consistency.


The microphone is another vital part of the headphone assembly. But it depends on your needs too. It is incorporated in some earphones and some are built without it. As you’re going for the best PC gaming headsets under $50, a gadget with microphone may not be a suitable choice for you.

Important Factors to Consider While Buying:

Now you’ve examined the features deeply, you’re ready to listen to the most important part of the content, the important factors to consider while buying this gadget.


Which earphone type satisfies you the most, peeps?

Is it in-ear, over-ear or on-ear? For the gaming reasons, over-ear is the most suitable, however if you get another in the budget, don’t miss the chance to catch it.


Can you bear the weights of half kg on your ears for the whole day? Absolutely not, guys. A headphone device should necessarily be light-weight for the long time use. Look for the appropriate one in the market and don’t make the mistake of wasting money on a heavy device.

Surround Sound:

Gone are the days, when people were diehard fans of ordinary earphones. Today is the reign of quality and technology, and fame of surround sound technology is just a depiction. This actually provides sound to the listener from all directions, providing more cool listening experience. Don’t choose a device missing this crucial feature.

Build Quality:

You know the interdependency of quality and weight guys, but you should also know that the material used by some manufacturers is both lightweight and supreme in quality. Start looking for those gadgets now, because those are certainly the best gaming headsets under $50 ever.

USB Connectivity:

You surely don’t want to use your gaming earphones only with the console. But to ensure the connectivity with computer, gadget must have USB connectivity cables. Look for this feature on priority basis.

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