Best Running Apps Android

In today’s era, android applications are playing an important role in everybody’s life. Nothing is better than the smartphone apps to reach the outside world within few seconds. The user can easily download these applications from Google play store. There is lots of application available on the download centre. Every smartphone applications have their unique features and play important role in user’s daily life. The applications include dictionary apps, games, photo editors, HD cameras, running apps, health and fitness apps, music apps and interview guide apps etc. Let’s discuss some of the Best Running Apps Android.

Best Running Apps Android

If you want to lose a bit of weight without spending a huge amount of money, then no need to worry. Lots of best running android apps are available on the Google play store. Runner’s application on smartphones can literally change user pace. These health and fitness applications are useful for the users to keep track of their daily activities like how much exercise they did, walking, jogging etc. and visualize their progress. The applications announce the user’s speed and also help them to keep a tab on where and when to run.

Below mentioned are some best running apps of android:

1. Endomondo:

Endomondo Best Running Apps Android

This application helps the android and ios users with fitness resolution. This is one of the most rated fitness tracker and personal training application. The application make use of GPS of users phone, to track workout, check status and reach the user’s fitness goals. What you are waiting for? Just download this app and acquire motivation to get active. This application track running, walking, duration, speed, distance and calories burn during user’s workout. All the record is automatically sent to the user profile. They can get their progress detail by just login to the profile.

2. Map My Run:


This is one of the best running android apps which track and map over 600 types of workout including running, jogging, cycling and gym workout etc. It is a part of the world’s largest digital health and fitness community. It also helps the user to discover their workout routes. For improving performance, the user will get feedback and stats for every mile they go. Map My Run is an iPhone app, but the versions are also available for android and window phones.

3. Google Fit:


This is a fitness application that arrived with the android 5.0 lollipop in 2014. Anyone can download the application from the Google play store. Google fit uses the advanced sensors built into user smartphone to work properly when they are walking, jogging or cycling. The application also works with the android wear smart watches and web. This app tracks the user’s any activity. As they start walking, running throughout the day, user’s phone automatically logs them with Google fit.

It also provides third party support. This is easy to use google fit application. You just have to enter your height, weight and activity goal to start the app. The application allows the user to set fitness and weight-loss goals.

4. Run Keeper:


This is also one of the best running apps android which is easy to use and is very popular with a high rating on google play. The application help in tracking workouts, setting goals, follow a plan and see progress. It includes lots of features. It allows the user to invite friends, create a custom challenge, track each other’s progress and chat to cheer each other. The user can also share their activities with friends on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter etc. It also allows the user to save, discover and build new routes with GPS. Bluetooth connectivity is also provided by the application. Run keeper application also comes with training routine.

5. Run Go:


The app provides real-time voice navigation and suggests the best route near your area. This smartphone app is the best choice for the people who travel to a lot of cities. There is no need to worry about your privacy as the app offers optional login. You can just download this android running application and go for a run.

Above mentioned are some best running apps android. Nowadays, you do not need to have special devices to track your pace, heartbeat etc, but you can measure all of these at your fingertips from your smartphones. There are hundreds of running apps available on the play store that helps in burning extra calories, lighten up the mood and strengthen up the individual mood.


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