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Technology blog is all about news, latest technology and events that are updated many times a day. Are you passionate about latest technology, so visit some best tech blogs to get the latest gossip, news and events. You can get information about what’s happening in the world of the wireless industry, internet security, web hosting and a wide range of topics related to topics in the IT world etc, in the blogs. The blogs are not all about the latest technology but along with this, it gives information on any new update in technology. Let’s start our discussion about best tech blogs.

Best Tech Blogs

These are the best online sources to track the changes. The technology blogs provide latest tech news, smartphones, android apps, review on the latest software, gadgets and much more information. Nowadays, we are surrounded by useful technical gadgets that make our lives easier and enjoyable. There are lots of benefits of technology blogs including the most recent updates, social networking, advertising and unbiased product reviews etc. Some of the best tech blogs are mentioned below:

1. Tech Crunch:

Best Tech Blogs

Tech crunch was founded in June 2005. This is a leading technology blog that reviews new internet products and breaking tech news. This community has more than 2 million friends and followers on social media sites including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and google etc.

Along with advertising on the site, it has e-commerce affiliate relationship with partners like amazon, wirecutter etc. Techcrunch hosts events and conferences including disrupt series and crunches award. One can say anything on TechCrunchan open database for the startup companies as well as beneficial for existing businesses to make an impact on the web world.

2. Techaeris:


This blog was founded in 2013 and is one of the best tech blogs. The techaeris blog covers all about technology, science arts and photography. The main aim of techaeris is to offer unique stories, product reviews and information, news coverage, and social interaction with the users. The estimated number of visitors to the site is 2500 and 3750 page views per day.

3. Tech Spot:


This is a leading computer and technology blog established in 1998. The TechSpot blog has 6 million readers every month. Tech enthusiasts, IT decision makers, gamers and many other professionals, who want to learn about the latest digital trends, visit the site every day. This blog is known for delivering and breaking the technical Tech spot covers comprehensive product reviews, software recommendations, guides and long form features etc.

4. The Next Web:


The next web technology blog was founded in 2006 and becames one of the leading technical blogs on the internet. You can find here, hot tech news and latest technology trends on a daily basis. This best tech blog also provides information about gadgets and their reviews. It educates the people about technology, culture and business. The next web is a future-proof tech media company that helps the technology lovers to get more out of technology through remarkable stories.

5. Venture Beat:


It was founded in 2006 and is an online platform that is engaged in technical publications and events business. This is one of the best tech blogs that covers technology trends ranging from social to mobile, small business to enterprise, cloud, health tech, online games and more. Venture beat delivers news and events to provide context to help the entrepreneurs, executives, and tech lovers. It provides news in various categories such as enterprises, science, security, social media, deals, mobile phones, education, reviews on the latest trend, marketing software development and lifestyle. This is a leading source for news, groundbreaking research and technological innovations. The estimated visitors to the site are 8 million and have 18 million page views per month.

6. ZD Net:


The technical blog delivers 24/7 news coverage and analysis on the trends and technologies. ZD Net provides a solution to the IT and professional and decision makers by delivering related blogs. The technology blog is a great source of hot topics, emerging trends, latest news, and events. This provides a solution to the professionals seeking to research technology-related issues and solves business technology problems.

7. Digital Trends:


This is one of the largest hubs of the technology. The technology blog covers stuff related to games, photography, games, motorization and lifestyle etc. This technology blog is one of the best tech blogs that have 883,432 Facebook followers and 844,837 twitter followers till today. The technology blog helps the readers to understand how technology affects their way of living.


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