5 Best Chromebooks of 2021 for Kids That You Should Checkout Now

As technology is progressing, computers and laptops have become an essential gadget in most homes. Another innovative gadget that’s taken the market by storm and serves as an excellent alternative for laptops/computers is a Chromebook. Choose the best chromebooks has not been so easy.

A Chromebook is just a laptop that runs on Google Chrome Operating System and uses chrome as the browser and ideally should be used where there is a proper internet connection. Moreover, it offers limited access to apps other than the chrome browser, which makes it suitable for kids. 

With this ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, everything has turned online. Kids are spending quite a lot of time attending classes, working on projects, or researching on the Internet. This is where the Chromebook comes quite handy for them, alongside serving all their purposes. 

Be it online classes, school projects or assignments, or educational videos, the Chromebook is just the perfect laptop for your kid. So, if you’re struggling to pick a suitable one, then check out our compilation of the 5 best Chromebooks for kids

Hopefully, this compilation will help you to pick the right product that fits your requirements.

1. Dell Chromebook 11 

Dell Chromebook 11 


On the scale of affordability, Dell Chromebook 11 stands quite high, as this 11.6-inch laptop offers a cost-effective learning solution to kids/students. Built with an Intel Celeron processor, this education Chromebook is powerful as well as durable to withstand rough handling. It is specifically designed to be kids-proof, as it comes with a sealed, spill-resistant keyboard, drop protection, and rubberized edges. Therefore, it can be easily carried along in buses or kept in backpacks, in lockers, or left on any lunchroom table. 

Dell Chromebook 11 has a 180-degree hinge that makes it easier to share content on its Corning Gorilla Glass screen that is highly scratch resistant. One highlighting feature of this is the Chromebook G Suite for Education, which includes tons of Google apps for students and teachers. Perfect for learning, this feature ensures that students are organized and stay in constant touch with lessons. It also enables teachers to assign tasks to students and even grade them, everything in one. 

For a kid taking online classes, this Chromebook will definitely improve the student-teacher engagement, as it comes with Dell Activity Light that is an innovative 3-color LED. The Dell Activity Light gives a visual indicator, which helps in having uninterrupted communication. 

On the whole, this Chromebook just has the perfect range of features that would suit every student.

        Pros        Cons
Cost-effective learning solution
Powerful as well as durable
Withstand rough handling
Chromebook G Suite for Education
Dell Activity Light
Users experienced software and hardware issues

2. ASUS Chromebook C523

ASUS Chromebook C523


Whether it is a school assignment or gaming or just surfing the internet, ASUS Chromebook C523 has every feature to cater to the needs of a student/kid. Featuring a 15.6-inch display, 180-degree hinge, NanoEdge narrow bezel, metallic finish, and USB Type-C, this Chromebook serves many purposes. Some of them include note-taking in class or working on presentations. 

Whatever the task is, its powerful Intel Quad-Core processor can deliver exceptional performance. Moreover, it comes with a full-size ergonomic keyboard that ensures comfortable typing, so that the work ends smoothly without any fallout. Besides, what draws attention to this Chromebook is its display, which is the narrow bezel of 6mm. This narrow bezel produces clearer videos and images.

Apart from these features, ASUS Chromebook C523 has a long battery life that goes up to 10 hours. This aspect is great for kids, as they can attend classes, enjoy a movie, and work for hours.

        Pros        Cons
15.6-inch display
180-degree hinge
NanoEdge narrow bezel
Intel Quad-Core processor
Battery Life not good enough
Dull Display

3. Acer Chromebook 11

Acer Chromebook 11


For kids/ students, a Chromebook that runs fast multitasks, and has a long battery life is good enough. On this note, the Chromebook that has it all is the Acer Chromebook 11. Moreover, with the Intel Inside processor, it delivers excellent performance. In other words, it loads web pages rich in content quite fast, offers video playback features, and even allows multitasking. 

One notable feature of this Chromebook is the additional apps that are included along with Google Chrome. That means, along with apps on Chrome Web Store, you can get other Android apps, which are available on Play Store as well. In this way, kids can manage their online classes and take care of projects, assignments, and presentations that require specific app support. 

Lastly, the battery life of Acer Chromebook 11 makes it perfectly suitable for kids/students. The battery lasts up to 10 hours. So once it is charged kids/students can wrap up multiple classes or complete their work without worrying about any sudden shutdown. 

        Pros        Cons
Intel Inside processor
Additional apps- Android apps included
Offers video playback feature
Can multitask
Reports of slow OS

4. Lenovo Chromebook C330

Lenovo Chromebook C330


If your kids want a sleek and stylish laptop, then Lenovo Chromebook C330 is the one. This Chromebook comes with a Blizzard White convertible design, is sleek, stylish, and durable. Besides, with regards to its performance, Lenovo C330 is quite fast, simple, and secure to use. Therefore, these aspects clearly indicate it is perfect for kids. 

The Chromebook standouts due to its 360-degree convertible HD 10 point touchscreen display. With such a superior screen display, you can enjoy multimedia content without any hassle. The Chromebook is built with a powerful processor that can multitask, and process tasks faster. Besides, it has DDR3 memory, fast eMMC storage and it is even optimized to deliver superior performance over time. 

There is no need to set up the Chromebook after you get it newly purchased. All you need to do is log into your Google account to get access to the 2-in-1 laptop experience. Pre-installed with anti-virus protection and long battery life, Lenovo Chromebook C330 is definitely the easiest-to-use Chromebook available on the market today. 

        Pros        Cons
Sleek and stylish laptop
Blizzard White convertible design
360-degree convertible HD 10 point touchscreen display
DDR3 memory, and fast eMMC storage
Touchscreen needs improvement
Lacks good image quality

5. Google Pixel Slate

Google Pixel Slate

A perfect combination of brilliant entertainment and portability is what makes Google Pixel Slate one of the top-rated Chromebooks. Its extraordinary features make it perfectly suitable for kids, especially older ones who understand how to handle the Chrome Operating System

It is built with an Intel Core M3 processor and has 8GB of RAM, which is powerful enough for multitasking. That means quicker answers, better and faster management of work, and more. Basically, your kid can easily complete his/her school projects faster without experiencing any lags. Storage of 64GB also won’t be a problem for your kid, as there is enough space for videos, audio, and other data. Moreover, the tablet form of this Chromebook makes it portable enough to carry along to classes as well.

Above all, the 12.3” molecular display with 6 million pixels produces true-to-life images, so that you can enjoy movies and videos to the fullest. Plus, it has dual front-firing speakers that deliver superior quality audio. Needless to say, Google Pixel Slate is just the right bundle of entertainment and an educational aid you’re looking for your kid.  

        Pros        Cons
Has Chrome Operating System
Built with Intel Core M3 processor
12.3” molecular display
Dual front-firing speakers
Too Heavy
Has buggy software


We hope you liked our compilation of the best Chromebooks that are available on the market today.  If we have to suggest one that’s currently available, we would say the Dell Chromebook 11 is the best Chromebook for kids. This Chromebook is built with a powerful processor, has a solid space for storage, and incredible RAM, along with Google apps to promote learning in the best possible way. Besides, if you have some other expectations and budget range, then you choose any of the above-mentioned products. 

We hope our reviews helped you!

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