How to Edit GoPro Videos on Mac For Top Notch Production Quality

GoPro became a style symbol once the travel vlogging arena took off.  The GoPro Company founder, Nick Woodman, had the idea for a tiny action camera when he went on a surfing trip to Australia. His concept of capturing close-up action shots that made the subject look like a hero became a huge hit among travel vloggers.

GoPros were an instant success with the riding community. Soon there were riders from all over the globe showing off their riding skills and biking experience to the world. Woodman’s innovative mind led to the tiny camera having different mounting apparatus making it easier for people to mount these cameras for close action shots. Not to mention the 1080p resolution upgrade in 2010 with 127° wide-angle lenses surged the company’s sales figures. 

When GoPro was first introduced, the tiny camera just produced raw shots of events. But as time went by, the company introduced a complete camera to software solution for 2D and 3D productions for its entire customer base. GoPro launched the GoPro CineForm Studio as its first video editing software. 

The video editing software helped its customers to edit their videos and enhance their productions to the best in class. Later it introduced GoPro CineForm Premium and GoPro CineForm Professional for more people who wanted to add a touch of professionalism to their videos. 

The GoPro CineForm Studio is a free to use video and audio editing tool developed by Woodman Labs for Windows. It is PC software available for or Windows 7/8/10, the Vista, XP, and Mac versions. Since the mountable device was embraced by sports enthusiasts and filmmakers, the editing software also took off. 

The CineForm Studio lets you import your GoPro media automatically to your PC. Various editing tools will help you trim, crop, mix video clips, add titles to your audio tracks, and add motion effects. You can perform ultra-slow motion speed changes in your videos and create and play time-lapse videos from a sequence of photographs. 

Nowadays, it is hard to find a raw uncut video online. All video content, even photographs for that matter, is edited with added effects to make it look more industry grade. 

If you are looking to edit your GoPro video on Mac using the CineForm software here are a few easy steps.

How to Edit GoPro Videos on Mac For Top Notch Production Quality 3

How To Edit GoPro Videos On Mac

Since the video captured by your tiny camera is in the H.264 file format, you need to first convert your files into the GoPro/CineForm file format. This format was specifically designed for editing and is compatible with the most popular non-linear editing applications 

Follow these steps to edit your GoPro Video:

Step 1: Launch GoPro CineForm Studio on your PC

Step 2: Once the application window opens, tap on the “Import New Files” button located on the top-left corner to import the camera source files. 

Step 3: From the bin where your list of videos have appeared, select the clip you want to be edited and open it in the playback window. If you want to trim the beginning of the end of the video then you can use the “In” and “Out” buttons placed below the video on the screen.

When you are converting the video to a suitable format for editing there is an optional step which you can choose under “Advanced settings” to set the resolution, frame size, file format, and quality of the converted file.


How to Edit GoPro Videos on Mac For Top Notch Production Quality 4

Step 4: Once you have tinkered with the advanced settings you need to select a file name and location or directory to save the converted video file. Below the video, you will have space to fill in the file name and the location that you want it to be saved. Once you have entered the required information click on the “add the clip to conversion list” button to send it to the Conversion List Bin.

Step 5: If you want to add more clips to the conversion list you can do so by repeating steps 3 and 4 for the remaining clips in your bin. Then click the “convert all” button.

You now have new GoPro/CineForm files saved in the folder you specified in the “save to” location. These new files can be imported into other editing applications or you can go to the GoPro CineForm Studio edit room to make color and framing adjustments. 

There are plenty of other applications like Quik, Blender 2.8. Hitfilm Express, iMovie [Mac only], etc; that can edit your GoPro videos. While the basic forms of these apps are free, there are premium versions that will let you have an arsenal of the best video editing features to make your content worthwhile. 

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